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Interview with MATT GREEN

How did you first get into making music and who are your influences now?

I was into hip hop for years and growing up in London I was always hearing new shit, I got into house in about 86 and then as that developed I got more into the breakbeat shit. Then when I heard Traffik playing on a pirate station I got sucked into that style. In terms of making music I got a sampler for the Atari ST when I was 13 and fucked around with that, I used to have to hire out studios in the mid 90's but now it's all done on a PC at home.

So tell us how you progressed too underground hardcore sounds?

Er well when I first started making tunes it pretty much was just hardcore, pretty hard too nothing below 200 BPM, I used to fuck around with some experimental electronic shit around 95/96 but that was cos I had limited equipment so it was more of a case of doing loads of edits rather than layering sounds. I fuck around with Drum N Bass too.

How did Corrupt Records come about then?

I sent a demo to Simon Underground in 98 and he said about starting a label, I wasn't too keen at first but the idea grew on me. It's cool being able to release what you want, he gives me complete control and it's a nice outlet. I f you hear something good you can just say "can I have that?"

What made you move form the UK to Italy (I wonder!)?

My wife is Italian and it's cool over there. Hardcore is a bit wierd, not really my brand of core but it's chilled there.

Do you have anything to do with Traffik these days, either musically or socially?

Yeah I had a drink with him a few days ago, he is still a fucking good mate and without a doubt one of the most important reasons why I got into hardcore was down to him. Since he quit it has been a bit odd (and sad) at times that he's not around but I got married this year and it was cool that we got to play a fuckeround B2B DJ set at the party after, fucking good laugh!

How did you hook up with the French labels like Epileptik despite your sound being quite different?

I met the EPK lot round at Traffiks house early 2000 and they casually mentioned doing some tunes for them, I didn't (cos I'm slack) and then they mentioned it again in the summer so I got on the case and it has all turned out pretty well.

Changing the subject a bit..... when your not making Hardcore what do you get up too?

I love watching films, PS2 etc... I DJ Drum N Bass sometimes at parties in Italy but just for a laugh. Chilling out, whatever really.

and what about musically, do you or have you produced any other styles?

Fuckaround with Drum N Bass, not professional enough to chase people with demos or cut dub plates or any of that shit, happy doing hardcore really.

So what's your opinion on IDM?

Yeah I was over in the US at a festival in 2000 and I was exposed to a fair bit of it over there, when I came back I thought "yeah I wouldn't mind having a go at that", the results were some of the tunes on the strike 29 release (Childhood Trauma and Namco), still quite hardcore based but theres also some stuff coming out on the US based Mashup label (, I was over in California at the beginning of this year with those guys, Doormouse, Duran X3 and others, fucking good laugh and nice to hear something different from standard 4X4. Does seem that IDM has a massive following on the Net.

Regarding the scene - what do you think of it and do you think there's too many politics?

Well everyone has their own opinion but ultimately music speaks for itself, I do sometimes feel that people who are critical of tunes or whatever and who don't produce should really shut up and try to do better if they think they can, but fuck it! Another thing about this is that people have a habit on the net of talking in a way that they wouldn't neccesarily do face to face, this is true of a lot of things on the net though, not just hardcore. I was going to do a Corrupt site but I have decided that I am not going to and there will just be if people want to know something or book me or other artists theres the email.

So would you say the scene is better from a partygoers point of view in the UK or France?

Well they do pack em in over in France, I think that in France theres kind of this thing about Techno and Hardcore is just an extension of that so the music just gets faster throughout the night, they mix it up nicely, also with a bit of DNB. Things are a little more pigeon holed in the UK. Still love playing over in the UK though.

Lastly what have you got lined up for the future and what can we expect from you & the Corrupt tour at Impact?

Well a fair few unreleased tunes and remixes will be heard on the night and of course the B2B set with Deathmachine. The future will be more shit from Corrupt featuring artists like Drokz, Deathmachine, Molecuelz, Fracture 4, Akira, Darkside and others (quite a few to mention), plus various other shit that I can't remember right now, look out for it all! Cheers.

Interview by Sarah Kirby, 2004
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