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Interview with JAPPO aka UNEXIST

How did you first get into the hardcore scene?

The first time I went to Club “Number 1” I fell in love with the music.

What was the first record you ever bought?

The first record I bought was “Joe Inferno”.

Which dj’s / acts have influenced you over the years.

That was Lenny Dee ofcourse, DOA, Neophyte, Delta 9, Tieum, Ruffneck, Slipknot, Korn, Prodigy and many more.

How would you describe the music you make / play at the moment and what is the difference between ‘Unexist’ and Jappo?

I think agressiv is what gets close to it.There is no difference between “Jappo” and “Unexist.Actually “Jappo” is my name and “Unexist” is my Dj name.

What do you make of the hardcore scene at the moment in general?

It really depends from the country. Holland for example now is very good, Scotland is small and insane.

In your opinion what is the best party you have played at to date?

I cant name only one.There were so many but Thunderdome ,Hardcore Resureqtion and Hellbound were really cool.

How do you think hardcore will change in the future?

I hope it will keep changing and evolving.

What can we expect to hear / see from you over the next while and at Twisted & Brainfire vs Impact in October?

You can expect a lot of new trax from me.

Tell us Jappo, what made you shave off your hair?

It just was time to change.

Last but not least, when are you going to send Al and I that record?

I will bring it with me.Promise!!!

Interview by Rob Da Rhythm, September 2005
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Catch DJ UNEXIST at TWISTED & BRAINFIRE vs IMPACT, Glasgow - Saturday 29th October