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Interview with JOEY RIOT

Joey Riot has in the last 12 months has made is mark on the UK Hardcore scene, originating from sunny Moodiesburn not far from Glasgow Joey has since moved down south to be closer to the action. This year alone he has had tracks signed to some of the biggest UK labels specializing on the more uplifting sounds such as Maximum Impact, Next Generation, Relentless Vinyl and Quosh. Apart from umpteen releases under his belt he is one of the very few new generation whom have managed to score main arena bookings at the likes of Uproar, Vibealite and of course Scotland’s own BTTF AND T&B

Joey, how long have you been in the Hardcore scene, and how did it all start for you?

Fookin yonks ago, got into rave music in 89-90 when i was a pup, me and Darren Grant from TLM started our own under 18's events in Moodiesburn in 1995 at the tender age of 15. I was always interested in music, my dad taught me guitar and piano from an early age and its something i kept doing thru high school, I incorporated it into my love of hardcore, done a music technology course at college. Lost a bit of interest when the scene died in Scotland in the late 90's and didn't do much til a couple of yrs ago, when i decided to pull me me finger oot ma chocolate dish towel holder and get serious about a music career!

Apart from producing loads of tunes, dj’ing out all-over you’re not unaccustomed to doing a bit of Mcing. Which do you enjoy the most?

I started out as an MC, first at our under 18 party's then got gigs at the CORE in edinburgh which also landed me a residency at NORTH in rosyth, MC'd at TWISTED & BRAINFIRE, our own TLM events, BTTF, and loads more, only recently started grabbin the mic when i'm dj'in down south, no fukker down there knew i MC'd, but i love it! prefer Dj'ing tho, just coz i get to play out me own tunez! ;-)

What do you think of the state of the scene now? In both the UK as a whole and in up here in Scotland?

At the moment things are looking up for hardcore, there are more events, less money grabbing promoters, the music is better than its ever been imo. England is defo leading the way, Scotland has a long way to go to capture the popularity of the scene in the nineties, but its gettin there!

In the past the Hardcore scene (Happy in particular) has been renowned for the small amount of room for new talent breaking thru, with roughly the same DJs on the line-ups from big events from 10 years ago still the same names on the flyers now! With people like yourself Gammer, Recon, DJ Kurt beginning to get some recognition do you think times could be changing (at last)?

yeah i think they are, there is some great talent breaking thru! guys like SY, BRISK, SEDUCTION, KEV ENERGY, MARC SMITH, SHARKEY, these dudes are supporting new artists and deserve huge amounts of respect, coz they could sit on the scene for themselves if they wanted, but they know bringing thu new talent is the best thing to keep the scene flourishing.

So who do you rate at the moment both producers and djs ? Also have you got any all time favourite tracks and is there anyone you would say has been or is an influence on you?

People i rate at the mo are GAMMER, EUPHONY, RECON, STORMTROOPER, FLYIN & SPARKY, LOST SOUL, ARKITECH, I could go on all day.
All time favourite track... thats a hard one! wouldn't be hardcore, depeche mode "enjoy the silence" is my favourite track me thinks.
loads of peeps have influenced me: SCOTT BROWN, MARC SMITH, JON CAMPBELL back in the day with guys like SY, BRISK, SEDUCTION, GAMMER all influncing me more recently.

What other music have you been enjoying this year outside of Hardcore? Also apart from Hardcore do you produce any other types of music?

Love coldplay, play the guitar so like alot of indie and rock, dance music is my passion tho, I also make trance, Hardstyle, Techno, House, Commercial Dance too, aliases include- DJ QUAKER, JAI ARR, AUDIO DELUXE and THE VISIT

As mentioned above you have had a lot of releases on some of the scenes biggest labels this year, have you any plans for a label of your own?

Yes! Lethal Theory Records will be starting this year, this will be a joint venture with DJ KURT one of the most exciting producers in the scene! the website is nearly finished, we will be releasing vinyl and mp3's with releases from ourselves and loads of budding new producers as well as some big names doing some remixes for us. keep ya eyes peeled!

So apart from playing out all over the place and spending hours in the studio what else does Joey Riot get up too?

Not much else! music is my life! i've been presenting radio show's on puredance digital radio and - done some promoting in the past, but its fukkin hardwork! any spare time is spent with my girlfriend Abbie, goin to cinema, eatin, and other pastimes a man and a woman can partake in. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!)

Lastly do you have any plans for the future and have you got any goals for 2006?

world domination! got some collaberations with some really big artists in the scene over the coming year which i'm very excited about. all hush hush at the mo! :-) 2006 is the year i'm aimin to break into the top tier of hardcore, determined to work ma balls off to get there!

I Would like to thank everyone who has supported me over the years to help me reach my goals, it means the world! (TOO MANY NAMES TO LIST! ya all know who ya are anyways ya fukkers! LOL!) Shout to all the ravers who make my night when i'm out playin and buy the records. Most of all thanks to my Girlfriend Abbie who puts up with me workin all day, and then fukkin off @ the weekends and makin a constant racket. she's immense. MWAH!

Interview by Al Twisted, January 2006
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