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Interview with LENNY DEE

1) What are your best memories of Scotland ?

The Rez parties for sure, plus the Fubar parties I played - man wicked times !! My memory is a bit, well lets say not all that !! he he

2) What are your most memorable parties past & present you have played in Scotland.

Back to the future on NYE for sure - it was a kick ass night ! I played old school Scottish tracks - the first time in a LONG TIME also the Luminous parties in Glasgow. And of course Twisted & Brainfire - Luv it !

3) How many maniacs can fit in the dj box at Luminous??

I lost count man, if everybody was naked it would look like a euro porno orgy !! hey, could be a nice idea for the next party !!

4) Do you have any funny/intersting stories you can share from your times in Scotland?

I think everytime is a funny story !! i guess leaving Scotland is always interesting - I am normally still drunk form the night before Kaos in action baby...

5) Are there any dj's/pa's that have stood out past/present that you enjoy working alongside?

Scott Brown for sure ! Manu le Malin, Promo & Unexist.

6) How do the Scottish people compare to people in other countries you have played?

HA HA the others are not as crazy as the Scots, I luv Scotland for this reason !! The people rock it man !! Wicked sprit for any party !

7) The Scottish scene is just building itself back up. Do you think it could ever be as big as it was??

Tuff to say, i think musical progression is needed in all the scenes around the world. but from what i have been seeing it is getting very kool & it is looking up for sure. I miss the crazy days of yester year but I think it is time for a new big bang & it is coming on strong - hey does that sound like a song ?

8) Do you have any new projects that we should look out for in the near future?

I just wrote a track with Promo for his new LP and we also finished the new Electronic Pig EP. 'Bang the Box' is coming out on Neophytes new LP and I also wrapped up a teckno Ep with London's Julian liberator on 4x4 (stay up forever). My new music video is out now on Audiogenic in France & getting air time on French TV which is a 1st for the Hardcore there and its crazy plus a Beats Brullee mix cd with DJ Radium due out soon. I have been working with an old friend MC Charm in NY and will also be hooking up with Scotland's DJ Obsession & Joey Riot when i am over next week to try out some ideas & make some banging traxx - cant wait. I will also hook up Scotlands teckno animal Jamie Ball to do some hard ass teckno.
And I actually had one of my really early house tracks 'Morning After' (under my 'Fallout' name) feautured on the PS2 game - Grand Theft Auto which was really cool

9) What countries do you enjoy playing in most??

I love France, Scotland, Germany, Holland, & the Brooklyn underground parties really have been off the hook lately

10) What style do you prefer playing out at the moment and why??

i like teckno & industrial hardcore. I enjoy them both equally - teckno gives me a challenge & i like the hard grooves & kick ass beats I really like to play and produce both and have always been doing so really

11) what artists do you rate highly at the moment?

Peaky pounder is my fav !!
Also Moshpit from France !
We just signed these guys for an EP - the music crosses fucking hardcore metal & electronic music to its fullest. The beats are hard like hell ! It's new style Metal Fusion. We are totally excited about it and feel it really will push the limits of what can be done with hard music - we are planning with a CD single remix project & Remix 12inch to follow, featuring remixes by Unexist, Drokz, & the band 'Punish Yourself' - which are a very popular band in France who open for Ministry & Nine Inch Nails.

12) What are some upcoming releases/plans what you have coming up for Industrial Strength Records (ISR)

We are set to release Stormtrooper's 3rd EP 'Operation Destruction' as well as a remix project featuring D -Passion & Speedfreak.
Our Industrial Strength Limited (ISL) label is set to release The English Muffin Remix EP & The Hunter Remix project, which was produced by Manu Le Malin & Dr Macabre. The EP features a new version that crosses teckno & hardcore which we are totally into. The boys have not worked in the studio since the original version back in the 90's & I gotta say, it's a wicked mix. We are also happy to have Italy's Armageddon Project & Hollands DJ Promo. All the mixes totally rock. I am sure people will dig it.

14) Thanks for the interview, any last comments?

The wee man is coming !!

Interview by Boony, March 2006
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Lenny Dee will be playing at Twisted & Brainfire on 31st March 2006 in Glasgow.