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Interview with JON CAMPBELL

You have been making music for quite a long time so tell us how you first got into the rave scene?

Initially i was a singer in a band who played electronica in the mid to late 80s and then i started to do more instrumental stuff at faster speed in 88 (basically if you speed up depeche mode music with 909 kick you get techno:-) it was quite funny as one week everyone was listening to acid house and saying that my music was shit ,then all of a sudden we did our first PA in a club called "choice" in 88 and the crowd went bonkers for when we played retribution,(depite the fact that smiley Tshirts and the Flares were in abundance:-), i was in shock, the owner at the time Colin Barr came up to me and said "that was fucking amazing mate what was that?" and i said quite proudly and smugly:-) "That was Techno" it was a very proud moment for me.

Tell us a little bit about TTF ?

HOW BAND STARTED: I have been playing music since i was about 4 years old (in fact my dad made my cot from our old piano, i started with a Kazoo then mouth organ, accordion, Bontempi organ, then, i got a wasp Synthesiser from the Barras for 14!, I always loved synths from Kraftwerk to Jean Michelle Jarre onwards, originally we were called Thru The Fire back when we were trying to be Depeche mode:-) and i liked the initials TTF so i kept them.
FIRST RELEASE: The Futurama EP 19 89 (Retribution etc....)
PLANS FOR FUTURE: New TTF song our first in 10 years, fuck I'm old (I'm 34 but i feel like 60:-) TTFs greatest hits is out at Xmas

Recently their have been lots of old skool events in Scotland, all booking the same acts and DJs, You have bought the Rezerection name, the question on everyone lips is what can we expect new music of just another Old Skool event?

Easy answer to this one, but fistly i must point out that i am one of a group of people who are involved in REZ its not the Jon Campbell show my partners are English and we intend to ask the public who they want to see and ask your good self about all those baldly chaps from Holland:-)
REZ and DANCELAND are 2 entirely different entities ,however i would be lying if i said that it wont be a mixed bag of music as the scene has to go forward and if we don't do the numbers then we couldn't continue.
I myself still am a big old skool fan though if i hear new emotion, Take me to the top, or Hardcore uproar one more time i will scream, it has to move forward or else it will stagnate, this is why we intend to have Gabba,Hardcore,Hard Trance, Trance, Electro, etc.. at our events, hardcore has moved on so much now in terms of production some of it is amazing, its easy to be nostalgic but all the new stuff is so much better produced than say the stuff in the mid 90's

So can you give us an idea about what acts / djs you will be booking?

I cant say yet as I intend to find acts and DJ's that other promoters haven't thought of ( having said that they will blag my ideas anyway:-)

Are you planning on holding events at Ingilston again?

AHH The big question.......This has been my dream for years as i really want to put on shows (in terms of on stage entertainment) that people will never forget.

if so could we expect tents? if not what venues will you be using?

Again cant answer just yet as that's down to the planning dept)

Do you think Rez will be as big as it used to be?

Absolutely as it has legendary status and people will always come if the shows are good quality and that's our main intention

So when can we expect Rez to be starting up?

We will do a start up party this year and then next year we go for it.

8. Will you be using the famous "Z" logo?

Yes and the R (the original Newcastle events had an R's on them

Interview by Al Twisted,September 2004
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