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Interview with THE TEKNOIST

1. How and when did you first get into making music and who have been your main influences?

I first started tinkering with trackers when I was about 15 but didn’t have any patience with learning then at all so I just stuck to playing records until about 4 years ago when I started messing with Acid Pro n wrote Deathchant 49. That was my 1st full track id written actually. Now obviously, iv switched to cubase etc. I reckon im influenced and have been influenced by probably everyone iv ever heard.. or sampled them at least haha. Naming names though, umm… Dolphin, Producer, Hellfish, Mike Paradinas, Venetian Snares, Tim Exile, Bjork, Speedy J… the list really is endless.

2. You've linked up with Dolphin on a number of releases; is there any other artist you would like to collaborate with?

Yeah for sure, any of my influences.. and then some. Iv done some really interesting collaborations recently actually with a few different people. Theyre all set to come out between now and Christmas.

3. Are there any up and coming producers to watch out for in the future?

To be honest.. not that I know of. Trubass who worked with me a little on Lion Girl has quite a lot of potential, hes just gotta get his head into it though and produce some more tracks. Igneon Systems and Intergallactic Purifier have both been very good when iv seen them live but iv only heard bits at home. Im not that aware of many younger hardcore techno producers.. are there any? Im dieing to hear them

4. What’s your studio setup?

Desktop pc, Laptop, Korg Kontrol… all software really, so the warez I use most are Cubase, Kontakt, Reaktor and a heap of plugs n shit obviously.

5. Your now living in Rotterdam, how is life treating you there? What is the talent like? As in the ladies …

Iv hardly been there ya know.. as soon as I said I was leaving england a hoard of gigs popped up back home and in Ireland.. but yeh its cool. Its quiet and im near Bryan Fury so im round there quite a lot writing tracks and talking shite as usual. As for ‘ladies’, well iv got a girlfriend so iv not noticed 1! Quite unusual for me too hahahaha

6. Is ‘The Teknoist’ a pulling machine?

Hahaha nope.

7. How do parties abroad in Holland and Belgium compare to in the UK?

Belgium fucking OWNS!!! Best place iv ever played. No matter what you throw at them or at what time, they’ll fucking have it n take it on the chin. Holland is wicked too but its completely different, theyre pretty selective about what they like so I cant get too scatty on them haha. The uk is a mix of the two, but with less people. I like playing in the uk a lot, obviously its my home and all my mates are there at parties but.. well its got a character to itself really I guess.

8. Do you have a particular favourite party you've played at?

Ammunition (planet mu gig) on my birthday in June. 1300 people in the electroworks n me n Dolphin slayed it. Even had Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and strangely Kelly Osbourne rocking!

9. Any you would rather forget?

Ones where iv done stupid things I guess..

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Back in hospital probably.. hah

11. Do you actually watch ‘Columbo’ (The Murder Mystery genius)? .

Yeah man, Peter Fawlke rules. His glass eye gives me the horn

12. Do you like brown sauce on battered Mars Bars?

God no, brown sauce is rank.. although if your desperate and ketchup n mayonnaise has all ran out then its cool with sausages..havnt had a battered mars bar for years either. Have you ever seen me after eating a mars bar, or any other glucose and sugar filled product?! Fooking tazmanian devil!!! There was a chippy on our old estate though that used to let us batter anything. Pizzas n shit.. even battered our mates trainers once hahahaha..

13. Do you shave your balls?


14. Do you have any questions you would like answering?

Why am I such a prick?

Thanks for your time answering our boring questions!! :D

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