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Interview with RADIUM

Daniel Técoult aka Radium started producing Hardcore / Techno in 1993. By 1994 Radium had his own label; the famous Psychik Genocide. This label later grew to be part of his Audiogenic group of labels he co-runs. Radium is a producer and dj renowned for his own sound, which has been imitated by many others but still, stands head and shoulders above the rest. Over the years Daniel has released on labels like Deathchant, Cunt, Randy909 and Shockwave as well as releases as part of Micropoint on BEAST, Dead End, Headfuck and Neurotoxic..His DJ sets have taken him all Europe, on Friday 1st September Radium makes his long overdue return to Scotland for his Twisted & Brainfire debut. Scottishhardcore took the time to have a few words with the man.

1. How did you get into “Hardcore Music” and producing tracks?

I fell in love with hardcore music in 1992 at my first rave party. I was already making some tracks on my sampler at the time, but as soon as I heard some hardcore, I only wanted to produce this new exciting sound!

2. How would you best describe your sound?

Fast & precise

3. Apart from Radium you also go under other names such as “The Nihilist” and your real name “Daniel Técoult. ”How would you describe the difference in musical style between these aliases?

I don’t produce under my real name. ‘The Nihilist’ is a name under which I produce more minimal/slow/experimental/acoustic stuff…the kind of things I have fun making, but that are too different from my usual stuff to be released under ‘Radium’

4. Who or what has influenced you over the years?

Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Prodigy, Lenny Dee, Mokum, The Speed Freak,…and many more!

5. What kind of sound can we expect to hear from your new sub label of Audiogenic, ”Absurd Audio”?

Mostly tracks from The Speed Freak, or in that style, as it’s his label on Audiogenic…

6. Can we expect another album from yourself at some point in the near future?

A new double pack is ready, and should be released in a few months…

7. Recently you have worked with people like DJ Daisy, Lenny Dee, Randy and Tieum. Do you prefer to collaborate or work on your own, and is there anyone you would like to work with?

I like both, but i find more interesting to work with an artist who does something completely different , this way we can be complementary to each other, though with a hardcore producer, we mostly do the same…

8. Do you think we may ever see another Micropoint or Androgyn Network Record?

Don’t know… I have to ask them!

9. You have played at many party’s across the world, which would you say were the most memorable and why?

It would be hard to name only one or a few…Of course, I have a lot of good memories in France, like the Paris Techno Parade in 1999, or Hardcore Symphony in 2001, some in Italy, like Hardcore Nation, in Germany (the last MOH party in Dortmund), in the US (the DropBass festival for y2k new year’s eve)…and a lot lot more!!!

10. How do you think the Hardcore scene compares in different countries you have experienced such as France, Netherlands and here in the UK?

In France, it had some good periods and some bad ones…we have a lot of problems with the police & the politics, so it’s quite hard to organise a party, even if the promoter is serious…and with the free parties and tribe scene, it’s not always the case! In Holland, the scene is very serious , there are lots of good parties with a lot of people, but the music is often the same from one artist to another… In the Uk, I’ve seen a few parties, most of the time good audiences, especially in the parties at North, in Stoke…

11. What do you think have been the key factors in your success, and what advice would you give to up and coming producers (and djs) trying to get recognized?

A hard work is the only guarantee of success for anyone…

12. Finally, what can the crowd at Twisted & Brainfire expect to hear from you on September 1st ?

Hardcore and nothing else!!!

Questions by Rob Da Fuckin Rhythm
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