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Interview with TOTAL OUTPUT

Tell us about the Outcast Clan?

The clan started out of a need to supply a specific musical style 90% of clubs/labels are unable to release. Our style which is very individual and music that is not allowed to be listened to needs a voice so OUTCAST CLAN came to be. OUTCAST CLAN will be bigger than the universe in time, it will evolve (as it has) at the correct foundation build up speed not run to make money today but run for the future of everyone, the music will always be far ahead of the highly limited parameters that so called elitist electronica has to suffer, we make what we want and other people like or don't, I am not the bothered (from the music point of view) weather we sell 5 or 5,000 records. I really am unbothered about what other people perceive it to be you love or hate it the future just like the music is unstoppable, time will tell. OUTCAST CLAN will continue to release music that will push the boundaries way, way beyond present days requirements. People have to access to extremes of every type of activity, there will always be people who need to stand a little bit closer to the edge of life. Theses are the people who buy are records.

What do you think of the state of the whole scene at the moment?

The scene at the moment has reached the future depths of the underground it can possibly reach and this means it can only get better. Trying to promote a music which clears records shops faster than a chart record is very hard and so Hard Techno and Gabba have been lumped into one musical style too fast and too crap and people follow and listen to what the rest of the sheep are doing, at the moment Speedgarage is the flavour of the general population. I remember the days when you couldn't find one Acid club in London anywhere suddenly one track hit the headlines and every pub/club/warehouse had an acid party running. This same thing will happen to Hardtechno and whoever gets a party to play the right music will clean up. The scene in Europe has been and gone a strange sort of way and I believe a lot of the bigger Techno labels are looking at the English market as a totally untapped music market, one day it will happen it is just a question of when. The underground squat rings are playing the proper music in this country, it is hard to find but not impossible. Techno has to be the most diversify dividable music, it has no boundaries unlike 99% of other music it cab be fast, slow, dark, bouncy, deep, light, doom, speed etc. etc. and it has to be the most feared ever music and therefore the ultimate in the need to rebel. Techno clubs when they are correct are the most extreme form of entertainment and bored clubland needs an injection of new extreme music to make it good again.

Who or what are you into at the moment music wise?

Not a lot really, I'd like to hear some proper Doomcore out but because no one gets the chance to play it we only get poor Speedcore all night. Speedcore 240BPM+ is hard to listen and dance to, I want to hear riffs and darkness all night, little chance of that! I dont like minimal Detroit Techno, its got to be the most boring music on the planet. I like the D.H.R. stuff and old P.C.P. and I still remember CURLEY from HOLLAND TRAX well (a genius of Techno and an extreme loss to the scene). It might sound narrow minded but I make exactly what I want to hear and I really need to hear more dark experimental styles!

What are your views in general on the how the scene is represesnted by the media?

The media need to wake up and open their eyes all record, radio, television need to supply music to the whole music spectrum i.e. KISS FM only plays 'acceptable music' like Speed Garage, Detroit Techno, a narrow minded musical policy that is only for todays profit. People are only allowed to hear specific styles of musical. Techno is the most feared so the media call it rubbish or just a joke, its about as much as a joke as Rock 'N Roll, just look how accepted that was despite its early beginnings in the pits of Hell hatted and slated never mind it just makes the curious curiouser. All music deserves a voice. Muffle it and trouble brews, we shall see. The only publication to even pay us any attention was ETERNITY magazine. So someone somewhere has a vision of the future and its a future many will hate but we wait with the patience of the dead!

Apart from the Clan do you have any other creative outputs?

My Volkswagen van, when I'm not in the studio (which is rare!) I track down bits for my van, its a different diversion from the music and I fly kites but that is about it.

What are your plans for the future of the OUTCAST CLAN?

OUTCAST CLAN is predestined to say what will happen next. Its information that will be supplied to you at the required time and no sooner. I can see the studio continuing to expand to make bigger sounding tunes and to try and put out more records. The music tends to get pushed harder and harder limits but darkness is the only way forward and we will always try to dim the light. We need to push the PA's into hyperspace, anyone who has seen us live understands this. Having a reputation of playing too hard and destroying speakers means a lot of promoters are very worried about booking us, never mind it just takes time. Creating seismic disturbances is something we always endeavour to achieve. No doubt new people will come and go and the varied life of the dark people will continue to be dished out at the correct rate. The future is dark the future is Outcast Clan.

Interview by Al Twisted, August 1998
Photos by Spliffy ... 17/01/98, Brides Make Acid P.A. @ Jo Jo's, Nelson Street, Stroud
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