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Sy and Unknown - Essential Hardcore!

added: Thu 12 May 2011

Sy and Unknown - Essential Hardcore!

Monster Sounds
Available to buy now: click here

Monster Sounds are proud to present their third release in conjunction with rave-legends Sy and Unknown, a superb collection of fresh and inspirational Beats, Sounds and Samples for producers of Hardcore and Rave Music styles.

Essential Hardcore from Monster Sounds is a brand new collection of sounds, fresh from the Sy and Unknown studio bunker. The pack weighs in at a hefty 950MB, and includes 1395(!) 24bit samples, including 195 Loops between 170 and 175Bpm, and 1200 Single Sounds. Also included are 139 ready to play Bass, Fx, Synth, Pad, Vox and Drum Kit Patches for Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS, SFZ and Kontakt soft samplers. Apple Loops, Reason Refill and Ableton Live Pack versions are also available separately.

This is the complete package for Harcore and Hard Dance Producers from 2 of the most respected producers in the scene, and includes every type of sound from the whole Hardcore period right up to the present day – allowing producers to experiment with authentic sounds to make the next wave of Harcore releases!

For more info: click here

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System Feedback EP (Motormouth Recordz / MOUTH04)

added: Mon 18 April 2011

Various Artists
System Feedback EP
12" Vinyl Picture Disc

A1. Satronica - The Gift Of Fire
A2. Deathmachine - Waveshape Destiny
B1. Al Twisted & Rob Da Rhythm - Pish Stained Rancid Tramp (Negative A Remix)
B2. Sadistic - Isolation

Out now: Buy the picture disc now and you will get MP3s emailed to you by TheHardStore.

Also check out these Motormouth Links:

Post-Cult Syndrome present De:Programmed - A free Hardtechno release

added: Sun 03 April 2011

Out now is the long over due second release from Scottish based Hardtechno label "Post-Cult Syndrome". The 13 track album which is available as a free download includes tracks from the likes of Chris Liberator, Sterling Moss, Cooh, Dvk, Ganez and many more including a good few scots i.e. Al Twisted, Saditsic, Ritalin, Riff Glitchard, Sakkara and Calum Moore.

Tracklisting is
01. Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss - One Dimensional
02. Arch-NME aka Al Twisted - DX-1
03. DestroyER - Boulder
04. Calum Moore - Deviated Septum
05. Ganez the Terrible - Tempo
06. Koney & Dj Dredd - Parameter 29
07. Metadia - Metal Doctor
08. Riff Glitchard - Febtek
09. Ritalin - Banana Heed
10. Sakkara - Modern Machinery
11. Sadistic - Wake-up Call
12. Skim meets D.A.M.N! - When We Were King
13. Cooh vs DVK - Terror 2

Download the album for free at

Frame of Mind - Mindframing EP (Motormouth Recordz)

added: Wed 30 March 2011


Release Date: Tuesday 5th April 2011
Format: Digital EP

01. Its My
02. Distorted Beat
03. Cruel Sense Of Waste
04. From Two To Five

Artwork By - Evan Ward

Buy online from JunoDownload -
Junodownload |Hardtunes

Also look out for MOUTH04 12" VARIOUS vinyl picture disc soon and also MOUTHDATA004 by REDMORE

Darkside Unleashed #3 - Dave Dope - Dirty EP out now

added: Mon 13 December 2010

Artist: Dave Dope
Title: Dirty EP
Label: Darkside Unleashed
Cat: DARKUL003
Style: Hardcore / Gabber
Format: Digital
Release Date: 09-12-2010

1. Dave Dope & Zadora -Dirty
2. Dave Dope & Zadora - Dirty (Thunder Remix)
3. Dave Dope & Frimbastic - Hellfire
4. Dave Dope - Beating Down

Available from,,,, and more...



added: Fri 03 September 2010

Next week will see the release of HARDCORE TIL I DIE 3 – the biggest album in the HTID series With monster mixes from Re-CON and SQUAD-E and a bonus bootlegs and mixes CD as well HTID is BIGGER, HARDER AND FASTER. Hardcore Til I Die 3 features 62 huge tracks across 3CDs of pure hardcore and is mixed by Recon & Squad-E and includes bonus remixes from the likes of Dougal & Gammer, Technikore, Klubfiller, Hixxy and MCs Storm & Whizzkid.
Full track listing:


Recon - Intro
Recon & Klubfiller - Phantom 7
Darren Styles - Sound Without A Name
Recon, Gammer & Klubfiller - Bang Your Head Off
Clear Vu - I Adore (Gammer Remix)
Recon & Klubfiller - Raggamuffin
Recon & Demand Ft. Mandy Edge - Reasons 
Recon - The Wheezels
Recon - Right Here Right Now
Darren Styles & ReCon - Smack You Like A Bitch
Skepta - Rescue Me
Daruso - Since You Been Gone (Klubfiller Remix)
Dougal & Gammer - Mind Scanner
Benni Benassi Feat Kelis & Apl D. - Spaceship 
Recon & Sy - The Robot
Dougal & Gammer - Lifting Me Higher
Recon & MC Storm - Music
Darren Styles & Recon - Pacific Sun
Recon & Hixxy - Resensitize
Gammer & Recon - Manjari
Technohead v Recon - I Want to be a Hippy


Squad –E - Stay
Darren Styles - Now Or Never
Squad-E & MOB - Better Days
Henry Blank - Good Times (Squad-E & Klubfiller Remix)
Squad –E & MC Storm - Hardcore Syco
Squad-E & Dougal & Gammer - Turn Up The Bass
Darren Hotchkiss - Last Goodbye (Squad-E Remix)
Squad-E & Whizzkid - Down Look Down
Italo Brothers - Love Is On Fire (Squad-E Remix)
Squad-E & Seduction - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Jason Born – Fireflies (Technikore Remix)
Squad-E & Cyanide - Do You Love Your Hardcore?
Breeze - I’m Alive
Yolanda Be Cool feat D Cup - We Speak No Americano (Gammer Remix)
Squad-E & Dougal & Gammer - Heaven Sent You
Squad-E & Static - Night Fever
Squad-E & UnKnown - Hardcore Mutha Fucker
Squad-E & Technikore - Let The Music Play 
Squad –E & MC Storm - Move It
Squad-E & Da Doctor - Rollin On
Recon, Squad-E and Technikore - Ghettoblaster


Inna – Amazing (Hixxy, Sy & Unknown Remix)
Manian – Loco (Technikore Remix)
Armin Van Burin - In and Out Of Love (Hixxy, Sy & Unknown Remix)
Ultrabeat - Bring It Back (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
Candid - Pass Out (Unknown Remix)
Dan Balan - Chicha Bomb (Sy & Unknown Remix)
Re-Con & Squad-E - Numero Uno
Dan Winter – Don’t Stop
Edward Maya - Stereo Love (DJ SY Remix)
Riskee - Dirty Love (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
Jason Born - Nothing On You (Klubfiller Remix)
N Dubz ft BodyRox - We Dance On (Sy & Unknown Remix)
Re-Con & Demand Feat Mandy - Powerless
Suad-E Feat Enemy - Crazy
Darren Styles & Re-Con - Symphonic
Squad-E - Tru-E
Re-Con - The New Style
Sy & Re-Con - Touch Me
Twista V Rsr - Transmission
Scooter - Stuck On You (Klubfiller Remix)

Download from iTunes or buy online at Amazon



Darkside Unleashed #2 Out Today - Thunder - Back On tracks

added: Wed 25 August 2010

Artist: Thunder
Title: Back On tracks – Part 1
Label: Darkside Unleashed
Cat: DARKUL002
Style: Hardcore / Gabber ++
Release Date: 25th August

1. Thunder – Toxic (180bpm)
2. Thunder – I Change (175bpm)
3. Thunder & Exagon – You Suck (200bpm)
4. Thunder – Pussycat (219bpm)

Listen / Buy digitals here

Out Now - Infexious Harddance #1

added: Thu 19 August 2010

After the success of Infexious Hardstyle #1, which stayed at the number one position of Junodownload’s Hardstyle best sellers chart for 10 days we are delighted to announce a strong first release on Infexious Harddance just two weeks later, which is a banging Hardtrance 4 tracker from 3 rising stars of the UK scene.

Artists: Rascal, Hustler & Prime
Label: Infexious Harddance
Cat no: INFEXHD001
Format: Digital
Style: Harddance / Hardtrance

1. Rascal & Hustler – Johnny’s Nightmare
2. Prime Perception & Hustler – Good luck
3. Rascal & Hustler – ED 2009
4. Rascal & Hustler – Johnny;s Nightmare (Rascal’s LSD RMX)

Check audio clips / purchase these tracks from:
and all good download stores.

Demos are always welcome, please send to

New Digital EP from Motormouth by LIQUID BLASTED

added: Wed 18 August 2010

Title: "Core Of Duty"
Format: Digital release.

1. I Read Your Ideas part 2 [160bpm]
2. Toxonauts (Hardcore Mix) [160bpm]
3. Toxonauts (Pain RMX) [160bpm]
4. Liquidation [190bpm]

Listen / Buy links:

New Label: No Demos Accepted first release out now

added: Fri 02 April 2010

No Demos Accepted (records) present NDA 001 - "The Good Get Beat Down" which is released on Friday 2nd April 2010.

The release is an 8 track compilation taster album of the hardcore techno variety showcasing our current roster of artists. Adventurous Adam (Bastard Loud / Darkside Underground), Sakkara (Nightbreed Recs), Gabberdeen (Noize Violation) and Trash (Rigormortis Recs) are all at their absolute finest and are putting a new slant on the way 21st century A&R works. The name of the label is a badge of honour, with the artists each bringing a wealth of underground knowledge to collaborate on a project that will bring other new and exciting acts onboard by contacting them and not the other way round.

Expect the unexpected with plenty more releases in the pipeline for the very near future as NDA 002 gets set for release in the coming weeks.

More info: Facebook Page

ReverbNation Page

Soundcloud Page

T&B Unleash 2 new Darkside labels + free track from Al Twisted & Strontium

added: Wed 13 January 2010

"Darkside Unleashed" and "Darkside Underground" are two new labels from Scottish Hardcore organization Twisted & Brainfire. Release schedules are being worked out at the moment with regular releases starting in around one months time on limited Vinyl and Digital.

Expect some well respected big name artists on the label alongside and some fresh previously undiscovered talent releasing a variety of Darkside styles such as Mainstream Gabber and Darkcore (Darkside Unleashed) as well as Terror, Speedcore and Hardcore Techno (Darkside Underground).

To wet your taste buds we give you with a totally free track from Darkside Underground by Al Twisted & Strontium called "Power 2 Distort" which originally featured on the Dutch CD compilation "Temple of Terror " and clocks in at 224bpm.

To download the track click please visit here

DEMOS WANTED Any artists interested in featuring on the label please get in touch via labels@(remove) Demos are welcome but please upload files with and send us a link rather than send files thru email

Motormouth Recordz #1 Out Now on 12" Vinyl

added: Mon 30 November 2009

Motormouth Recordz is a new Scottish based Industrial Hardcore / Darkcore vinyl label run by Al Twisted. The long awaited debut vinyl EP "Countdown 2 Chaos EP" is now available to purchase on 12" vinyl, exclusively from

MOUTH01: Countdown 2 Chaos EP

A1: Matt Green - Chest Painz vs Spiritual Offset (155bpm)
A2: Igneon System - Devine (160bpm)
B1: Al Twisted & Lost Origin - Swan Song (160bpm)
B2: The Horrorist - Ich Habe Die Macht (230bpm)

To purchase vinyl

To listen to clips :

This Is Terror 12: Mixed by Smurf & Plague - Out Now!

added: Mon 09 November 2009

Out now is a brand new 2 CD & 1 DVD package from Rige / This Is Terror. CD2 also includes a track from Scottish Hardcore member Sadistic (aka Greig Smith).

Full traklist is:

DJ Plague & Smurf - The ultimate battle of the apocalypse

DISC 1 - CD1: mixed by DJ Plague

01. DJ Plague - Vengeance
02. DJ Chucky - Is Anybody Out There
03. Mutante - Money
04. Earfist (feat R1) - Mainstyle Whore
05. DJ Plague - Fuck The Mall
06. DJ Plague - Hardcore Stuff
07. DJ Plague - Perversion 4 Profit
08. E-Noid - Efficient Methods (Dj Plague remix)
09. Earfist vs Svartalfheim - Fuck Trance
10. Vague Entity - Rebel Bitch
11. C-Type - Money Make a Crazy
12. Earfist - Hardcore Pride
13. Mutante - Sting Like a Butterfly
14. Mutante - Still Prefer Old Shit
15. Mutante - Die
16. M1DY - Megashit
17. DJ Plague - Bananaphone

DISC 2 - CD2: mixed by Smurf
01. Mutante - Party accomodant (part 2)
02. Hellfish - Dogfish
03. Mutante - Shot in the dark
04. 4-Zakken - Toxic substance
05. Smurf - Christina gets wanked on
06. Smurf - Fat girl
07. NK'O - Wannabe V2
08. Format C - Ring of fire
09. Merkurius - I'm the fuck you man
10. Aggressor Ov Darkness - Hymn ov terror (short mixx)
11. Tieum & Bouncemaster - Penetrated
12. The Sickest Squad - In-Ctrl
13. Stormtrooper - Plan 69 from outer bass
14. Pid - Johnny condom
15. D.O.M. - Nanan ananna
16. DJ Twilight & Hodemar - Boom boom pow
17. Sadistic - Surfacing R3work
18. DJ Narotic vs Lenny Dee - Ring around the pit (Tense vs Nevermind mix)

Tons of terrorizing videoclips from all around the world!, including: plague’s birthday of teror 3, plague vs smurf the ultimate battle of the apocalypse, A look at the scene in Canada featuring mutante’s expermental liveshow in montreal, and gatekeeper 08 in Toronto, Also including videoclips from psyclown, and evil minded from Guatemala.

To purchase a copy visit:

** Free Track ** Nightbreed 14 present Al Twisted & Strontium - Dead People

added: Tue 23 June 2009

Glasgow based gabber and hardcore digital label NIghtbreed start around 1 year ago and has featured a host of local talents such as Livie, Sakkara, The Apprentice, Chris Craig and now for this special free release Al twisted & Strontium with a 228bpm Hardcore Techno track "Dead People"

Download the release from T&B website here

or from Juno where you can download other releases here

OBS.CUR 002 12" out Now

added: Wed 17 June 2009

OBS.CUR 002, aka 'Obs.cur Projekt 2' which features "she's all mine" by Scottish Hardcore export Fracture4, as well as 4 other acid influenced tracks by Mindustries, Legion, Collision & Nichiban, is out now on limited 12"!

Audio clips online here:


Illphabetik compilation "Reconciled Unity" Out Now

added: Thu 09 April 2009

Experimental free net label Illphabetik have just released the first Various Artist album entitled "Reconciled Unity" overs a range of Experimental, Breakcore, Jungle and Hardcore styles.

Scottish Hardcore producer Sadistic features with his track Hardcore/Breakcore track "Facing Your Fear"

Full tracklist is..
1. WSicko - The Grand Ejaculation 1:38
2. Z@T & Kepazoid - Destruction 3:25
3. microphyst - renegade rudeboy 4:11
4. Kinsheeva - Evolution 4:48
5. Jens Robot - Murder Engine 4:17
6. Kola Kid - can't hide your love 2:52
7. Sadistic - Facing Your Fear 4:46
8. Otpei - Jungle Vrede - Lisbent Remix 4:16
9. Akwalek - TonkleNoodles & a Certain Brain Disaster (mArtnr359) 2:47
10. Odnowa Biochemiczna - YANE 4:17
11. rkLce - każdy jest sensorem dotykowym przesyłającym informacje do wszechogarniajacego centrum 4:03
12. Koolmorf Widesen - K21 4:04
13. Harry Poppins - 30GallonsOfAcidt 5:06
14. TuneFreak - Acidoverb 4:14
15. Corruptboy - Drillcut 2:36
16. Bouche de Femme 6:03
17. Skip - Triptune 02 3:41
18. Capslock - Critters 5:50
19. Candy Covered Clown’s Humiliation Karaoke - ALEKSITIMIA 2:46
20. OmniPresence Vs Bangin Bonzais - 15 Monkhaired Flashists 6:11

You can download the whole free album here totally free!! here

Hardcore Underground 3 CD Out Now

added: Thu 09 April 2009

Title: 'Hardcore Underground 3'
Format: 4 CD's
Mixed by Brisk & Ham, Marc Smith & Al Storm, Fracus & Stormtrooper, Darwin, CLSM & Nu Foundation

Today finally sees the greatly anticipated return of Hardcore's most exciting, critically acclaimed, and forward thinking compilation series. Back for a third installment and with a glittering line up, Hardcore Underground 3 undoubtedly raises the bar to new heights. A balance between commercial appeal, underground credibility, top of the range music production and superb modern packaging is achieved; the results are astounding. The series continues to capture the exciting, cutting edge of a sound enjoying huge popularity at the moment, with DJ's Fracus, Darwin, Al Storm and Nu Foundation now joined by industry heavyweights Brisk & Ham, Marc Smith and CLSM.

Comprising of 4 CD's, 75 up front Hardcore cuts covering a plethora of styles, and from a whole host of artists and labels around the globe, this is a "compilation" without comparison in the modern world. From the ashes of a tired industry driven by money and commercialization, comes something truly exciting packed with originality, passion, and above all; quality.

The quadruple CD digi-pack contains tracks form Scottish artists like Marc Smith, Ellie Jay, Al Twisted, JFX, Mikk, Joey Riot and Euphony

Buy now online here: HMV

For more info:

Moondance "Ultimate Old Skool Anthems" Out Now + Win Copies here !!!!

added: Tue 07 April 2009

Moondance one of the original English Old Skool Rave promoters have just released their new album packed with dance anthems. Tracklist below.

Whats more we have 3 copies of the album up for grabs.

Enter Competition here

Buy CD here

Buy Digital Download here


CD - 01
1. Nomad – (I Wanna Give You) Devotion
2. Rhythm On The Loose – Break of Dawn (Original Mix)
3. Cola Boy - 7 Ways To Love
4. Final Cut Presents True Faith ft. Bridgett Grace - Take Me Away (Pin-Up Girls Remix)
5. Marradonna – Out Of My Head
6. Homeboy Hippie & A Funky Dread - Total Confusion
7. Shut Up And Dance – 5,6,7,8
8. Bitin’ Back – She’s Breaking Up
9. DJ Choci Roc - Hoovers and Spray Cans
10. G Double E – Fire When Ready
11. 2 Bad Mice - 2 Bad Mice
12. Altern8 – Infiltrate 202
13. Isotonik – Different Stroke
14. House Crew – Keep The Fire Burning
15. The Scientist – The Exorcist
16. Time Base aka Krome & Time - Unity
17. Dee Patten – Who’s The Bad Man
18. Incubus – The Spirit

CD - 02
1. GTO - Pure (Slipmatt & Billy Daniel Bunter Remix)
2. M&M ft. Rachel Wallace – Feel This Way (Remix)
3. Shades of Rhythm – Extacy
4. Rebel MC – Tribal Bass (Original Foundation Mix)
5. Urban Shakedown - Some Justice
6. SL2 – DJ’s Take Control 2009
7. Flash Back Project – Ease The Pressure
8. DJ Seduction – Hardcore Heaven (Rat Pack & Shimano Remix)
9. Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008 (Slipmatt & Billy Daniel Bunter Remix)
10. Praga Khan – Injected With a Poison (Adam’s Power Mix)
11. Billy Daniel Bunter & Shimano Feat Malaya - Shine On You
12. Tricky Disco – Tricky Disco (Slipmatt & Billy Daniel Bunter Remix)
13. SL 2 – Way In My Brain 2009
14. Ellis Dee & Swan E – Ruffneck Biznizz
15. Phuture Assassins – Future Sound
16. Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track
17. Criminal Minds – Baptised By Dub
18. Billy Daniel Bunter & JDS – Let It Lift You (Remix)

CD 03
1. Krome & Time – The Slammer
2. Omni Trio – Renegade Snares
3. Nookie – Gonna Be Alright
4. Foul Play - Finest Illusion
5. Slipmatt – Breaking Free
6. Q-Project – Champion Sound (Alliance Remix)
7. Wots My Code – Dubplate
8. DJ Rap - Spiritual Aura
9. Hyper-On Experience - Lords Of The Null-Lines (Foul Play Remix)
10. Boogie Times Tribe – Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Remix)
11. Leviticus - Burial
12. A Zone – Calling All The People
13. Krome & Time – Ganja Man (DJ Hype Remix)
14. Dead Dred - Dred Bass
15. Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction
16. DJ SS – The Lighter
17. Mr. Dan & Sparks – Body Slam (Modified Remix)
18. SL 2 – On A Ragga Tip (SL2 & Modified Motion Remix)

Source: Moondance

Next Generation Records Podcast

added: Thu 26 March 2009

The Next Generation Podcast has now arrived!

Continuing their dominance in the Hardcore scene, Next Generation now bring you a monthly 60 minute podcast as Brisk & Fracus showcase the best in Hardcore music from around the world featuring guest mixes, interviews and much more.

Episode 1 (24th March 2009) is now live so head over to and click on the 'podcast' icon on the menu, then hit the 'subscribe' button to take you to the listening options. From here you download the show and even subscribe so you don't miss out on future episodes. The best bit is that it's free!

Tune in, turn it up and enjoy!

Post-Cult Syndrome: Hard Techno EP 1 *** Free Download ***

added: Mon 16 February 2009

ARCH-NME (aka AL TWISTED), SADISTIC and RIFF GLITCHARD presents our new free net label project for Techno, HardTechno & Schranz beats: POST-CULT SYNDROME. The first EP is out now. Check info and link below.

All EPs will be 100% free to download at We are looking for tracks, anyone intrested feel free to PM links of your tracks for consideration.

Post-Cult Syndrome present

New 100% free net label "Post-Cult Syndrome" for harder edged underground Techno sounds kicks off with a tasty four track EP of grade-1 Hard beats! "Hard Techno EP 1" features 4 Scottish producers plus an exclusive special guest track from talented French artist, Ganez The Terrible (Combat Skill, Teknic etc). Tracklisting is:

A1: Ganez The Terrible - Antologik (5.09)
A2: Arch NME & Sadistic - Tribal Trauma (6.47)
B1: Riff Glitchard - Overloaded (5.3Cool
B2: Livie - Nosebleed (6.49)

Download the EP for free here...
100% FREE. 100% BANGIN!

Discuss This News Here

Mash Up Soundsystem 12" #5 feat. Element Abuse and HelicopterFace

added: Wed 11 February 2009

LA based label MASH UP SOUNDSYSTEM just released their latest 12" vinyl number five; "Get A:head". Mashup#5 true to the labels name and form has a diverse 'mash-up' of experimental electronica from Downtempo Breaks to Breakcore. Scottish undergound Hardcore artists Element Abuse and HelicopterFace both make an appearance alongside Concrete Cookie (USA) and Retrigger (Brazil)

Tracklisting is
HELECOPTERFACE - Purpose Aches (Element Abuse Remix)
HELICOPTERFACE - Positive Collide
RETRIGGER - Mean A Swing

To puchase the release and hear clips please visit The Hard Store

Discuss this release on our forum here

Tails aka Primal-T RIP

added: Thu 15 January 2009

It is with great regret and sadness that we have some very bad news. Tails (aka Dj Primal-T) passed away on Saturday 10th January.

Anybody that used to attend Edinburgh based Scottish Hardcore event Resistance will remember Tails, as will anyone that attended his well known Acid Techno party E-ruptor which has ran for years in Edinburgh. Tails was a well respected and active member of the techno community and will be sadly missed by many.

Our thoughts go out to his Family and friends at this awfull time.

We have uploaded a live mix of Tails recorded at Resistance in 2000, which can be found here

Please feel free to leave your messages of condolence here

Tails R.I.P.

Hardcore Nation 2009 - Press Release

added: Sat 20 December 2008



Pre – Order Your Copy Now!

Unlike some genres of music that rely on the support of TV, radio and trend lend publications, hardcore is one snarling beast that refuses to die, packing out raves up and down the country with its extremely loyal supporters. After the HUGE success of the Hardcore Nation and Hardcore Adrenaline series, pioneering harder dance label Nukleuz are back once again, this time joining forces with the legendary Positiva to release this killer triple CD.

Hardcore Nation 2009 consists of 58 MASSIVE tracks that are nearly all exclusive to this album. Mixed by two of the biggest names in hardcore, Stu Allan and Joey Riot step up to the decks to show what they do best, providing two mixed CDs crammed full of the freshest, most upfront tunes from the scene today, with CD3 rammed to the rafters of cheeky bootlegs mixed by Nukleuz DJs.

Stu Allan has been one of the instigators of the genre from the very beginning- carving his path with legendary radios shows in the north and producing under his Visa guise that includes 3 Top 10 hits, an incredible 13 Top 40 hits alongside releases on FFRR, Carl Cox’s MMR label and Media Records. Playing at the biggest parties in the hardstyle calendar, Stu Allan is a hardcore heavyweight with fans that meticulously follow his DJ schedule every weekend.

Joey Riot is probably the fastest rising DJ-Producer in the genre, wowing followers with his energetic sets and winning Best Breakthrough DJ (2006), Best Live Act (2007) and coming 4th as Best DJ at this year’s Hardcore Heaven Awards. Whether it’s DJing, running own label Lethal Theory or co-editing the scene’s very own dedicated magazine ‘Core’, this Glaswegian couldn’t be any more hardcore if he tried!

Leading with the only official remix of the No. 3 chart smash Guru Josh Project Infinity 2008, Positiva and Nukleuz crank open their laden vaults to give some well known dance classics a special hardcore treatment. Tracks include the colossal No.1 from Fragma Toca’s Miracle; the No.2 hit Heart of Asia by Watergate and indie popstars Alphabeat also get a dirty makeover for their big tune Fascination.

Massive dance anthems also come from the likes of Ferry Corsten Punk, BBE Seven Days, One Week, Perfect Phase Horny Horns, Barthezz On The Move, Lasgo Something and Shy FX & T Power Shake Your Body. The album also includes mixes of some of Nukleuz’s biggest Top 40 hits including BK Revolution the last ever vinyl only Top 40 hit, Mario Piu with Communication (Somebody Answer The Phone).

So there you have it: two of the biggest dance labels joining forces with two mighty names from the scene… we present to you Hardcore Nation 2009!


CD 1 – Stu Allan
1.Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008 (JAKAZiD Mix)
2.Bishop ft Marie Louise - Born to Bleed (Orbit1 Remix)
3.Visa – Fly Away (Al Storm's HN VIP Mix)
4.Stu Allan & Al Storm feat. Vicky Fee - Paint Me In Sadness (Darwin Mix)
5.Amen UK - Passion (Sy & Unknown Remix)
6.DJ Seduction feat. Alison Wade - Open Up (Chaos Remix)
7.Stu Allan - The Past
8.Al Storm ft Katie Jewels - Never Alone
9.Fracus Ft Fraz - Save Our Love
10.Stu Allan ft Vicky Fee - Without You (Fracus Mix)
11.Connected ft Max'C - A Feeling (Darwin Mix)
12.Barthezz - On The Move (Stu Allan & Darwin Remix)
13.Breeze - Complete Heaven (Darwin Remix)
14.Samba D & Darwin - Hear Our Music
15.Fretman Vs Alex F - Fire
16.AudioJunkie & DJ Stylus - I Get Stoned
17.Brisk & Stormtrooper - Twatris
18.Perfect Phase - Horny Horns (Stu Allan & Darwin Remix)
19.Stu Allan & Darwin - Hardcore Nation

CD2 – Joey Riot

1.Joey Riot – Feel Complete
2.Gammer – Take Control
3.Joey Riot ft Kelly C – The Power Within (Sy & Unknown Remix)
4.Ham And DNA – About You 08
5.Himbo & MC Enemy – Everywhere I Turn (Orbit1 Remix)
6.BBE – 7 Days & 1 Week (Joey Riot Remix)
7.Flyin & Sparky – True Love Revolution (Recon Remix)
8.Scandal & Kaos Theory – Luvshy (Joey Riot Remix)
9.Kurt & MixZ - Shake Ya Body
10.MC Whizzkid & Joey Riot – Lost
11.Sy & Unknown – Electronic
12.MC Wotsee & Joey Riot – Life Goes On
13.Visa – All I Need (DJ Kurt VIP Mix)
14.Sy & Unknown ft Ben Williams – Don’t Want To Let You Down (Joey Riot Remix)
15.Ferry Corsten – Punk (Joey Riot Remix)
16.DJ Kurt – I Don’t Like It
17.Kevin Energy & Joey Riot – Lethal Energy
18.DJ Kurt – Straight From The Underground (Joey Riot Powerbounce Mix)
19.Marc Smith & Gammer – Building Shaker
20.Gammer & Joey Riot – Comin Up Strong

CD 3 – Bootlegs

1.JoBabe - I Kissed A Girl (JAKAZiD Remix)
2.Fragma ‘Toca’s Miracle’ (Darren Styles Remix)
3.Alphabeat – Fascination (Orbit1 Remix)
4.Lasgo 'Something' (Barley Remix)
5.Watergate – Heart Of Asia (Orbit 1 Remix)
6.HNK ‘What’s It Gonna Be’ (Barley Remix)
7.Nukleuz Kollective - Rhythm Is A Dancer
8.The Angry Kids vs Bob Marley ‘Mr Brown’ (JAKAZiD Remix)
9.Hyper Deejays ‘Don’t Stop Movin’ (JAKAZiD Remix)
10.JoBabe ‘Heartbroken’ (DJ Shimamura Remix)
11.Darwin – Promise Me (4 o Clock)
12.Shy FX & T-Power - Shake Your Body (JAKAZiD Breaks Mix)
13.Mark Brown ft Sarah Cracknell ‘The Journey Continues’ (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
14.Gammer vs Frantic – Braveheart (Joey Riot Remix)
15.Mario Piu – Communication (Audioscape Remix)
16.BK ‘Revolution’ (JAKAZiD Remix)
17.Nukleuz Kollective ‘Blood Is Pumping’ (Audioscape Remix)
18.Miss XS ‘Charly’ (Orbit1 Remix)
19.Vinylgroover & The Red Hed “Move Your Body” (Last Of The Mohicans Vs J-Swish Rmx)


added: Mon 08 December 2008

The new 12" from Industrial Strength sub label IST is out now. Scotland vs London: - the battle is on with 4 kickin hard techno tracks ready to slam the dancefloor!

From London UK, Aaron ‘The Pimp’ & Electric Delight are best known for their N7 label, Al Twisted from Scotland has appeared on many labels including Nukleuz, Resist & Warner Music, and fellow Scotsman Riff Glitchard is a new gun to watch out for.

South Side
A1: Aaron 'The Pimp' - Kickin Hard
A2: Electric Delight - Rock The Party

North Side
B1: Al Twisted aka ArchNME - Clownz
B2: Riff Glitchard - Floor Rock

For clips of the the EP or to purchase...

New CD: Raving NIghtmare mixed by Maddog, Amnesys, Stormtrooper & Speedfreak (Traxtorm / UHM)

added: Sat 29 November 2008

1-1 Bertocucci Feranzano XTC Love (Promo Goes BZRK Mix) (3:51)
Remix - Promo
1-2 Endymion Payback (Tommyknocker´s Trashed Mix) (4:08)
Remix - Tommyknocker
1-3 Angerfist feat. Crucifier (2) Brocken Chain(DJ Mad Dog Remix) (2:38)
Remix - DJ Mad Dog*
1-4 Promo Different Breed Of Men (Meccano Twins Remix) (3:12)
Remix - Meccano Twins
1-5 Meccano Twins Dissolution (3:01)
1-6 Art Of Fighters vs. DJ Mad Dog* Party Starter (4:31)
1-7 DJ Mad Dog* Nasty (3:51)
1-8 Wishmaster, The Back Forever (2:05)
1-9 Nosferatu Enemigo Del Estrado (4:00)
1-10 UneXist Sick Rhymes (3:13)

1-11 Amnesys Worldwide Crisis (4:16)
1-12 Nosferatu Outshine Any Competition (3:09)
1-13 Enzyme X Dissonant Poetry (Second Verse By Ophidian & Ruffneck) (4:07)
Remix - Ophidian , DJ Ruffneck*
1-14 Stunned Guys, The Hymn (Amnesys RMX) (3:25)
Remix - Amnesys
1-15 Endymion and Evil Activities Vengeance (4:32)
1-16 Wishmaster, The Get Out My Way (4:10)
1-17 Evil Activities With Tha Playah Cold As Me (3:52)
1-18 Amnesys Catastrophes (2:54)
1-19 Unexist Spank Yer Ass (4:03)
1-20 Denekamps Gespuis Gas Met Die Zooi (Tha Playah Remix) (4:15)
Remix - Tha Playah

2-1 Speed Freak, The Mongorian Wardance (3:27)
2-2 DJ Hektek Let The Game Begin (2:30)
2-3 Skoza Reseduction Hill (1:15)
2-4 Search & Destroy Insane (3:08)
2-5 Speed Freak, The Reload All Your Shooters (3:05)
2-6 DJ Hektek Death By Design (1:14)
2-7 Speed Freak, The , DJ Skar (2) Men On Wax (1:50)
2-8 Al Twisted Bite The Street (1:13)
2-9 Speed Freak, The Butt Plug (1:40)
2-10 Speed Freak, The Gunja-Sex Weemix (2:59)
2-11 DJ Mutante Lick My Crack (1:12)
2-12 Speed Freak, The Dying Galaxies (1:55)
2-13 Speed Freak, The Hated (1:43)
2-14 DJ Mutante Foufones Elektrik (1:48)
2-15 Speed Freak, The Terrorist (1:58)
2-16 Speed Freak, The Freak On A Mission (3:11)
2-17 Exagon and Da Boomer Dis-Co-Shit (1:16)

2-18 X-Tension (4) Abandonned Loops (2:42)
2-19 Fiend and Broken Rules Quad Damage (1:42)
2-20 X-Tension (4) Electro Shock (1:42)
2-21 Stormtrooper Breathing Blood (2:16)
2-22 Alice D. Serotonin (2:16)
2-23 Biochip C. and Alice D. The New Synthetix (2:16)
2-24 Stormtrooper Rampage (1:27)
2-25 Stormtrooper Fear FM (1:39)
2-26 Tymon* End Of Eternity (2:14)
2-27 Moleculez and Mental Wreckage Consumed By Corpses (2:12)
2-28 Stormtrooper and Amok Cleansing The Sphere (2:30)
2-29 Richie Gee Terminal Disease (2:06)
2-30 Waldhaus Ad Vesperum Mmix (1:48)
2-31 Biochip C. , Alice D. Taste The MF Rainbow (1:23)
2-32 Hardtrax (2) Woofertest A (X-Tension Remix) (3:26)
Remix - X-Tension (4)
2-33 Mind Candy I Am Going Mad (Stormtrooper Remix) (3:48)
Remix - Stormtrooper

Buy This Album here

Smurf presents GGM RAW#3 - Out NoOw !!

added: Tue 07 October 2008

This week saw the third release on DJ SMURF's GGM Raw label.
Tracklisting (click for audio clips):

A1 - Doll Kylie - Does Smurf | listen
A2 - Smurf - Shitter (original 97 Amiga mix) | listen
A3 - Cedric Von Flugel - Gan On Then | listen

B1 - Al Twisted - Bite The Street | listen
B2 - The Destroyer - Wild Animals | listen

You can purchase the record here from Rige:

Obsession records (Scotland) has landed

added: Thu 17 July 2008

Scottish Hardcore Dj Obsession (Fubar / BTTF) has just launched his new label Obsession Records.

There will be both White coloured release's catering for UK Hardcore etc. and a Black label which the release's will be for the harder edge sound.

The first White release is out now you can get it from IMO. Check the link below to hear clips / purchase.

Obsession Records White No. 1 - Hyperbass vs Obsession Source: Obsession


added: Thu 22 May 2008

[TITCD010] This is Terror part 10 - Pure Terror

CD1:: mixed by DJ Plague
1 Intro
2 DJ Plague - Terror in your mind
3 DJ Plague - The longest war
4 De Euromasters - Neuken in de keuken (DJ Plague remix)
5 DJ Plague - Evil
6 DJ Plague - Tyranny
7 DJ Plague - Pure terror
8 DJ Plague ft. Nikkita - Bumboklaat
9 M1DY - Disarm
10 M1DY - Speedcore dandy

CD1: mixed by Smurf
11 Smurf intro
12 Doll Kylie - Kylie does smurf
13 Mastermind - Jump up
14 Spud - Made in noise
15 Smurf - Dirty wanking walker (draft mix)
16 The Alkemist (aka Al Twisted)- Best shot
17 Psiko - To the one
18 Pattern J - Chromozone
19 Cedric Von Flugel - Gan on then
20 The Destroyer - Spamming bass
21 The Speedfreak - Dying galaxies
22 Outro

CD2: mixed by DJ Mutante
1 DJ Mutante ft. Nikkita - Neurotik freak + intro (Live in Montreal)
2 DJ Mutante - This freak
3 DJ Mutante - La sous-terre
4 DJ Mutante - Children are nice
5 DJ Mutante - Industrial medley
6 DJ Mutante - Punk get drunk
7 DJ Mutante - HxC booty
8 DJ Mutante - Marche droit
9 DJ Mutante - Bad motherfucker
10 DJ Mutante - Party accomodant
11 DJ Mutante - I'm not a jock
12 DJ Mutante - You shut the fuck up
13 DJ Mutante - I really don't give a fuck
14 DJ Mutante - Lick my crack
15 DJ Mutante - One of these days
16 DJ Mutante - We are all control
17 DJ Mutante - Pump that pussy
18 DJ Mutante - What a ripp-off
19 DJ Mutante - Mutante iz the shit
20 DJ Mutante - Foufounes elektrik
21 DJ Mutante - H.A.R.D.C.O.R.E.
22 DJ Mutante - The stoppa
23 DJ Mutante - Try to stop that
24 DJ Mutante - Check this out
25 DJ Mutante - War
26 DJ Mutante - I don't wanna touch you
27 DJ Mutante - Suck it
28 DJ Mutante - Yes
29 DJ Mutante - Ragga jungle medley (remix)
30 DJ Mutante - Fucker
31 DJ Mutante - Decalisse
32 Outro

CSR Pure Terror Bonus DVD On this DVD you will find the live registration from the CSR Pure Terror (DJ Plague's Birthday of Terror 2), from 12 January 2008.
vAlso featuring 3 DJ Plague videoclips, of Terror In Your mind, Pure Terror and Terrorists Never Miss, as well as a kinky S&M show by Smurf and Miss Cat

Available direct from and and all good online worldwide record stores (and some rubbish one's aswell).

Worldwide distribution by


added: Wed 21 May 2008

OK Everyone !!

It has arrived..............Notorious Vinyl's next release NOTV 005
Number 5 from DJ Marc Smith's trailbazing label Notorious, is the 'No More' e.p. by none other than Notorious Vinyl's no 2 in house engineer the multi talented Darwin alongside Rampant and featuring some oustanding vocals from Ant Johnson,

This release features on the AA Side...the original mix by Darwin and Rampant, just simply an awesome piece of hardcore! Musically brilliant with outstanding haunting vocals from Ant, with some amazing melodies, piano sections and arpeggios throughout. but it sure still doesn't lose that trademark Notorious stomping feel !

On the flip the A Side features a nothing short of epic and Notoriousified remix by none other than 2 of the hottest most booked dj's and producers in the scene, Notorious Vinyls and Scotlands Head Honcho DJ Marc Smith and the Muffin Music and Essential Platinum's main man the uber gifted Gammer, this mix does exactly as it says on the tin folks !

'No More' is rapidly becoming one of this years massive summer anthems and it's absolutley tearing dancefloors apart !


Released 9th JUNE... Now through Icon

Notorious HQ !!........................

Keep it Hardcore
Keep it NOTORIOUS !!

Twisted & Brainfire Launch new Forum

added: Tue 01 April 2008

Scotlands Long serving Hardcore promoters TWISTED & BRAINFIRE who are responsible for nights such as Reactor, Darkside & Infexious have today opened their own forum to the public.

Source: T&B

Hardcore Nation: Next Generation Track Listing

added: Tue 19 February 2008

With the iTunes release just a week away and the CD release right behind it, finally here is the tracklist for the latest compilation offering from Nukleuz: Hardcore Nation : Next Generation

For more information please go to:


- Joey Riot & DJ Kurt
01: DJ Kurt - "World Domination" (Exclusive Mix)
02: DJ Kurt - "Electron"
03: DJ Kurt - "Don't Hold Ya Breath" (Lethal Vocal Mix)
04: Joey Riot - "Holdin On"
05: Joey Riot & Cat Knight - "Only You"
06: Joey Riot feat. Kelly C - "The Power Within"

- Al Storm
07: Heaven 7 vs Al Storm - "You're The Feelin'" (Exclusive HN Mix)
08: Al Storm - "Clappin' Your Hands"
09: Al Storm feat. Ali - "Swept Away"
10: Impact & Orbit1 feat. Lisa A - "I Still Believe"
11: Alistair Storm - "World Of Darkness"
12: Al Storm - "Drive Me Crazy"

- Al Twisted & JFX
13: Ruboy vs Tampo & K-Rlos - "La Niña Mechanica"
14: Organ Donors - "Blackout" (DeejayBee & Diverse Remix)
15: Al Twisted & DJ JFX feat. Vicky Fee - "Turn It Up"
16: Al Twisted & DJ JFX - "Underground Supply"
17: DJ Kurt - "Straight From The Underground"
18: Al Twisted & Rob Da Rhythm - "Beat On The Drumz" (2008 Reconfiguration)

CD 2: Fracus, Darwin & Jakazid B2B2B
01: Fracus & Donna - "See If I Care"
02: Marc Smith - "Can You Feel It" (Exclusive Hardcore Nation Edit)
03: Chaos feat. Scarlet - "Perfection"
04: Cube::Hard - "Smoke Signals"
05: Deeper Territory - "Calm Me Down"
06: SMS - "Another Night" (Breakz Edit)
07: Fracus & Orbit 1 feat. Lisa A - "In Your Arms" (Orbit1 2008 Remix)
08: Phenex feat. Le Kat - "So Naive"
09: Darwin, In Effect & Buzzy feat. Fraz - "Don't Say Goodbye"
10: Cynix feat. Kelly C - "Hold on Tight" (Reese Remix)
11: JAKAZiD - "Give Love A Chance"
12: Brain Blessed feat. Kelly Southall - "Epiphany" (Ponder Remix)
13: Shanty, Tazz & Devastate - "DDR" (A.M.S. Remix)
14: Chwhynny & Darwin - "Nothing There"
15: Nu Foundation - "Want Your Love"
16: JAKAZiD feat. Andy L - "Mystify Me"
17: Fracus & Mozz feat. Vicky Fee - "Hold on To Me" (Fracus Remix)
18: Darwin & Toni Leo - "Come on Out"

Source: Nukleuz

New net label: Beat Til Death

added: Tue 12 February 2008

We want ur beatz!!!!! Producers listen up!!! Beat Til Death Recordings is a hard electronic *free* net label, being introduced to you in the very near future, offering u *free* Mp3 music to download covering various genres - Speedcore, Terror, Breakcore, Hardcore Techno, Drum & Bass (hard,distorted), Tekno, Grindcore, 8-Bit, Industrial and Hardcore starting up before the end of February / early March. We are looking for tracks to release for *free* on forthcoming compilations. Anyone wishing to submit tracks to Beat Til Death Recordings relevant styles permitting, for *free* release by us then please upload your tracks (preferrably in .wav format) to websites such as megaupload / rapidshare etc and send the link via email to -

The first release on Beat Til Death Recordings will include tracks from Elektrotot (DE) and Mental Destruction (FR), (thats just a small preview) and will be unleashed for your listening pleasure towards the end of the February / early March to co-incide with the completion of the website so please keep your eyes and ears open for updates @ & - BTD FORUM!!

Source: BTD

Hardcore Nation: Next Generation

added: Fri 25 January 2008

Nukleuz today announced the lineup for their new album project Hardcore Nation: Next Generation which is due for release on CD and download 17th March 2008 (iTunes early release Date: 25th February 2008).

The album is mixed by:
CD1 – Joey Riot & DJ Kurt, Al Storm, Al Twisted & DJ JFX
CD2 – Darwin, Fracus & JAKAZiD

For this album which is the fifth edition of the highly succesfull Hardcore Nation series, Nukleuz decided to do the unexpected thing in hardcore and invite 8 younger and fresher producers / Djs to compile and mix the double CD. More details including tracklist tba soon.

Source: Nukleuz

UK Hardcore vinyl distribution update

added: Fri 11 January 2008

As reported at the end of November Amato distribution went bankrupt leaving many UK Hardcore labels without a distribution channel for vinyl releases and out of pocket. Since then the majority have chosen to go to a company called Icon. Jay Frantic is now working at Icon and whom previously worked at Amato and Alpha Magic before that posted the following statement:

Hello peeps,

The Fat pie eating Gaylord is back to kill another Distribution company ( 3rd time lucky hey )

The labels listed below are now Distributed Exclusively from Icon Distribution.

Here`s some brief information on forthcoming releases and labels, the Schedulle for 2008 for vinyl releases is looking very strong.

Quosh Records - Stacks of releases in the pipeline and will be hitting the stores shortly, QSH084 now in production.

Quosh Limited - Some awesome remixes being produced of new & old Quosh releases.

Ripped to Fcuk - The usual malarky.

Essential Platinum - 3 huge releases now in production & a special `Essential Platinum Most Wanted` label also in production which will include the best of the back catalogue and Exclusive album mixes and tracks you did`nt think you would ever see on vinyl.

Evolution - 4 full releases in production and Scott is busy in the Studio (and drinking beer) producing new material.

Evolution Plus - Ditto

Evolved - Ditto

Raver Baby - 2 in production - Lots and lots and lots of releases to follow.

UK Dance - 4 full releases in production - Force & Ritman are very busy producing new material.

Thin & Crispy - Very strong releases out on the streets shortly, future releases include remixes and some tasty Picture Discs.

Thin & Crispy Limited - Ditto

Electrik Records - Around 7 releases ready to go, huge tracks with Big sort after remixes.

Infinity - The usual high standard with fresh remixes.

Turbulence Hardcore - 3 full releases in production with another 4 to follow shortly after.

Return of the Clans - 3 releases in production & still eating Pukka Pies.

Muffin Music - Muffin Music 2 in production - Lots more to come from Muffin including sort after material.

Hardcore Paradise - Plenty more coming from boyo Mr Harris with remixes.

Junkbox - 1st release in production - Brand new label from Darren Styles.

Futureworld - 1st release in production - Brand new label from Breeze.

Infexious Audio - 2 releases in production with some tasty remixes.

Higher State Music - Bristol boy DeeJayBee and his crew Dice & Reality come with their Debut label.

More labels to confirm shortly, will keep you posted with more info soon.

2008 is going to be a good year, time to give the Ravers & DJ`s what they want.

Slag away


Jay Frantic

It is also expected a lot more labels will start selling mp3s with Gammer announcing that Essential Platinum and Muffin Music will be finally releasing mp3 of their new tracks.


Win a Sony Mp3 Player with Hardcore Adrenaline 3!!!

added: Wed 19 December 2007

Getting into the Christmas spirit and to celebrate the launch of Hardcore Adrenaline 3 on 24th December Nukleuz & Gut Records are giving away a Sony MP3 player.

All you have to do is log on to and answer a simple question to be in the running to win.

Full tracklist, info, ringtones, TV Ad and more available on

Enjoy! And be lucky.

A Nightmare Outdoor - The Live Registrations CD's & DVD: Out now

added: Sat 01 December 2007

Saturday the 15th of September 2007 is undoubtedly circled in bright red in scores of hardcore fans’ calendars.... whether you’re into mainstream gabber or industrial, whether you belong to the older hardcore generation and are totally dedicated to good old early rave and old school, or if you couldn’t care less about all that slow stuff and only get things going once the bpm counter hits the 180 bpm mark, it made no difference. On the 15th of September, 15.000 hardcore fanatics descended on the Recreational Area Binnenmaas - just south of Rotterdam - to enjoy the best home-grown and foreign DJs and live acts from 9 at night until 7 in the morning in five different areas, during the illustrious third edition of this unique all-night-long hardcore festival. A loud and proud way to close off the blistering Dutch festival season.

Practically every sub-genre in the entire hardcore spectrum was represented during this festival, hosted by cutting edge organizations and respected labels in the hardcore scene. A massive, lavish open air main stage was built - like in previous years the heart of the festival - which featured the hottest mainstream hardcore acts performing solo sets, unique back-to-back sets and live acts. The Energiehal area, named after the legendary hall and still regarded as sacred hardcore ground, was duly honored with its own area. The popular OldSchool Gangsters concept, developed by old school prophet DJ Rob, returned to A Nightmare Outdoor and was packed from sunset to sunrise. The Enzyme area, named after the hardcore label by many regarded as one of the world’s finest, was hosted under the driven leadership of one of the scene's most legendary DJs, Enzyme founder Ruffneck. England’s undisputed number one UK hardcore label Deathchant, churning out ruthless UK hardcore and terror productions since 1994, was fully represented in the Deathchant area.

Experience the world’s finest nightly outdoor hardcore festival during 1,5 hour of raging Dolby 5.1 surround sound hardcore in all five areas, the very best hardcore DJ’s and live acts, the thrill seeking luna park -only for the headstrong- and the outrageous Nightmare Outdoor audience, all combined creating a magical atmosphere once again at Recreational Area Binnenmaas.

Relive the festival once more with these audio live registration items: the annual Double CD containing the live recorded DJ sets of Nightmare headliners like Darrien Kelly vs. The Stunned Guys, DJ Neophyte vs. The Viper, Endymion vs. Nosferatu and Day-Mar, and the additional industrial edition – Symp.toms Vol. 3 – with live sets from Mindustries and Sei2ure vs. Synapse as recorded in the Enzyme area during A Nightmare Outdoor 2007.

General information:
A Nightmare Outdoor – The Live Registration DVD
A Nightmare Outdoor – The Live DJ Sets
A Nightmare Outdoor – Symp.toms Vol. 3

Styles: hardcore – early rave – old school – industrial – terror
Release date: 4th week november 2007

Source: Midtown NL

Amato Distribution and Resist Music both gone bust.

added: Mon 26 November 2007

In the space of 1 week both companies have ceased trading. First Amato whom are the main distributor for over 100 dance labels (across all genres) including many of larger UK Hardcore labels like “Essential Platinum”, “Evolution”, “Nukleuz”, “Raverbaby” & “Quosh”, declared it had gone into Administration.

Secondly a week later Resist Music LTD -whom concentrate on releasing compilations (again of all dance genres) including “Bonkers”, “Freeformation” and “Hardcore Heaven” have declared Liquidation. Resist in its previous incarnation React Music went into liquidation in 2004 after their main distributor 4am/Flute went into administration after the MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society) revoked their license to release records leaving react with over 1.2 million pounds of unpaid sales income.

Whether Resist’s downfall is linked to Amatos we are unsure at this point, but both companies going bust will no doubt mean harsh consequences for artists, labels and other organizations involved whom will be left owed a lot of money.

Hardcore Adrenaline 3 Out 24th December!

added: Thu 22 November 2007

Hardcore Adrenaline unleashes Vol 3 on 24th Dec mixed by Stu Allan & DJ Seduction with a cheeky Bootleg Mix!

Featuring 56 massive hardcore anthems 100% exclusive to this album including tracks from Darren Styles, Sy & Unknown, Dougal & Gammer, The Egg, Uniting Nations, Visa, Robbie Long & Stormtrooper, Al Storm, DJ Kurt, Joey Riot, Darwin, JAKAZiD & Al Twisted & DJ JFX and many more.

Full Tracklist:

Stu Allan
Visa ‘With Every Heartbeat’ (Audioscape Remix)
Al Storm - Weekend (Never Ever)
Darwin & Alison Wade - Tonight 
Visa ‘Holding On 4 U’ (Fracus Remix)
Robbie Long & Stormtrooper feat. Kristy - Don't Go
Stu Allan v Barley - Fly Away With Me
Ibiza Knights – (Feels So) Good To Be Alive (Jamie Ritmen Remix)
Rachel Loy 'I Can Feel It (Lovin’ Me)' (JAKAZiD Remix)
Stu Allan vs Barley - Sensation (Barley VIP mix)
Visa ‘Don’t Go Away’ (Al Storm Remix)
DJ Mikk – I Will Love Again
Stu Allan & Al Storm ft Vicky Fee ‘Paint Me In Sadness’
In-Effect & Miss Special K ft Andy L ‘Outerlimits’ 
Darwin & Andy L - Until The Rain
D-Lyte feat. MC Knight - 'Red Alert'
Druid & Stormtrooper - Panic 2007 
Al Twisted & DJ JFX ft Vicky Fee ‘Turn It Up’
JAKAZiD - Can't Hold Back (DJ Shimamura Remix)

DJ Seduction

Sy & Unknown – What A Great Drug
D-Lyte & Orbit1 – You Know You Want It
DJ Seduction – 50,000 Watts (Kurt Remix)
Clubraiders – Move Your Hands Up (DJ Seduction Remix)
DJ Seduction – Get Down
Kurt ft MC Mental – Motivate
Seduction & Al Storm – Floor Burn
C-Kay – 5am
Joey Riot – Your Smile
Darren Styles & Seduction feat. Alison Wade – Sunlight (DJ Chaos Remix)
Al Storm – Darkest Shadow
DJ Silver & The Acolyte – Thug Connected (Orbit1 Remix)
Dougal & Gammer – The Take Down
DJ Seduction – Rock The Jam
Sedders – At Night (Energize)
Seduction & Al Storm – Party People
DJ Seduction – High Above
Joey Riot Feat MC Enemy – Deep Inside

Bootleg Mix

Robbie Long & Stormtrooper ft Kristy ‘I Need Your Lovin (Like The Sunshine)’
Da Ripperz ‘Cheater’ (DJ Stormtrooper Remix)
Sound Selektaz ‘Umbrella’ (Hardcore Mix)
DJ Foe ‘Boogie Tonight’
Uniting Nations ‘Do It Yourself’ (Weaver Remix)
Nukleuz Kollective ‘Run To You’
JoBabe ‘Ready Or Not’ (DJ Shimamura Remix)
Hot Fuzz ‘Every Breath You Take’
Nukleuz Kollective ‘Set You Free’
King Ace ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’
Neils Van Gogh ‘Try To Believe’ (JAKAZiD Remix)
Himbo & Robbie S ‘Tainted Love’ (Hardcell Mix)
Uraken feat Calyn Tsukishima ‘Sweet Dreams’
HNK ‘The Simpsons’ (Decibel Junkiez Remix)
Chocolate Party ‘WIKID’ (DJ Kurt Remix)
HNK ‘Last Nite A DJ Saved My Life’ (Joey Riot Remix)
King Ace ‘9pm (Till I Come)’
JAKAZiD ‘Find Me (Odyssey To Anyoona)’
Filthy Louca ‘Silence’ (Darwin Remix)
The Egg ‘Walking Away’ (Audioscape Remix)

Pre-Order Here

Source: Nukleuz


added: Fri 16 November 2007

Nukleuz / Gut have announced that the new Hardcore Adrenaline Album is out on Christmas eve. The 3 CD pack contains mixes from Seduction & Stu Allan + a bonus bootleg CD. Exclusive tracks include contributions from artists like Styles, Sy & Unknown, Joey Riot, Kurt, Al Storm, Al Twisted & Dj Jfx + many more..

Twisted & Brainfire host the launch party for the album on Saturday 29th December at Club Clinic, Glasgow (9-4am) with guests like Scott Brown, Robbie Long, Simon Underground, Autopsy, Smurf etc lined-up. More info at

Source: Nukluez


added: Wed 24 October 2007

The world's no.1 hardcore compilation mix album, the award winning 'Bonkers' is back with 'Rebooted' the 17th edition in the series and it's the best one in YEARS!

Following on from the hugely successful previous 16 Bonkers CD’s including one gold and 5 silver sales awards in the UK, as well as this year’s top 10 charting Best Of Bonkers compilation, Resist presents Bonkers Rebooted, which has been reprogrammed, reformatted and rebooted to be rightfully reinstalled at the forefront of the hardcore scene. On CD1 Veteran hardcore DJ/producers, Brisk and his music production partner Ham take up the DJ duties. CD2 is mixed by original Bonkers boys Sharkey & Scott Brown. Whilst CD3 features Nu-Energy Collective’s Kevin Energy and Scottish hardcore legend Marc Smith. Bonkers Rebooted contains upfront and exclusive tracks and mixes from Joey Riot, DJ Kurt, Robbie Long, Stormtrooper and Gammer as well as the latest productions from the featured Bonkers DJ’s Brisk & Ham, Sharkey & Kev Energy and Scott Brown & Marc Smith.


CD1 – Mixed by Brisk & Ham
01. Brisk & Vagabond Vs Uraken - Tokyo Rush
02. Brisk & Vagabond Vs MC Wotsee - The Last Word
03. Ham & DMO - Every Single Day
04. Uplift, Sc@r & Vicky Fee - One
05. DJ Stormtrooper feat. MC Knight - Hardcore Raver
06. Druid & Stormtrooper feat. Kristy - Electrified
07. Brisk & Vagabond ft. Lisa Marie - Free
08. Ham & DMO - In Your Eyes
09. Fracus - Snowstorm
10. Ham & DMO - This Emotion
11. Sharkey - My Everything (Ham Remix)
12. Euphoria ft MC Wotsee & Tess - Final Goodbye
13. Drew Derivative - Rock Da Groove
14. Fracus ft. Ali - Your Guiding Light
15. Scott Brown - Roll The Track (Gammer Rmx)
16. Eclipse - Hearts Desire (Brisk & Vagabond Rmx)
17. Brisk & Vagabond - Lift Me Up
18. Joey Riot Vs Davey Forbes - Rock The Dancefloor
19. Ham ft. MC Casper - Detonate This Sound
20. DJ Kurt - World Domination
21. Brisk & Ham - Step 2 Da Flaw (Bonkers VIP Mix)
22. Brisk & Vagabond - Night & Days (Joey Riot 2007 Rmx)
23. Brisk & Vagabond - Mental Mission
24. Nerve Centre - Get Busier
25. Darwin & Obie vs Mr E - Hits you like Thunder
26. Thian Brodie - Beat Master
27. The Wishmaster - Pump Up The Pressure
28. Bodylotion - Neighbourhood Crime (Tha Playah Remix)

CD2 – Mixed by Sharkey & Kevin Energy

1. Sharkey - Today’s The Day
2. K90 - Red Snapper (K Complex v’s ADT Remix)
3. Darwin - Peak 1.1
4. Sharkey – My Everything
5. Kevin Energy - Tribal Resistance (Rave Mix)
6. Firefly - Dimensions
7. Alek Szahala - Alanarama (Arkitech Remix)
8. Lost Soul – Taking Over Me
9. Infinite Dimensions feat. Ephexis - Krater
10. Darwin & Entity - The End of time
11. Vibes Vs Splash - Techno Wonderland 2007
12. Mister Stewart & Barry Diston – 7 Colours
13. Sharkey ft. Lisa Abbott - Bonkers Anthem
14. Arkitech & Double Decka - I May Be Dreaming
15. MDA and Spherical Vs DJ GRH - Illusion (Splash Remix)
16. Darwin - Coral Beach
17. Nick Xero, Arkitech & Douglas - Hardcore Junkie
18. Robbie Long & Stormtrooper - Acid Man
19. Freeza - Virtual Darkness
20. S3RL - Weekend
21. Ham - Bass Kiks
22. Arkitech - De Humanise 2007
23. Robbie Long Feat Ethos - Wakey Wakey (AMS Remix)
24. Darwin & Obie - Futureshock
25. Sharkey and Arkitech – Quadraphinix

CD 3 – Mixed by Scott Brown & Marc Smith

1. Scott Brown - Enlightened (DJ Weaver Remix)
2. Fracus - I Can’t Stand It
3. Sean Apollo & DMO - I Can Feel You Now
4. Fonzarelli - Moonlight Party (Kurt Remix)
5. Scott Brown & Kelly C - Hold You In My Arms
6. Robbie Long & Stormtrooper - Nasty Time
7. Scott Brown - Do It Like We Do (Al Storm Mix)
8. Al Storm, Mike Euphony & Donna Marie - Runaway (Exclusive Bonkers Mix)
9. Darwin vs Rampant feat Ant Johnson - No More
10. Darwin - Floor Damage
11. DJ Weaver & DMO- Paradise
12. Scott Brown & DMO - Fall Into Your Arms
13. Joey Riot - Party Alarm
14. Frisky Hujib – Get Away (Gammer Remix)
15. Weaver & Andy L Feat. Fran - Cannonball (Scott Brown Remix)
16. Scott Brown - Livewired
17. DJ Marc Smith & Gammer - You Can Dance
18. DJ Marc Smith - Let It Hit Em
19. Brisk & Vagabond – Environmental Product
20. Men of steel - The Future Is Ours (Panic & Tha Playah Remix)
21. Hard Creation - I will have that power (The Stunned Guys Remix

Source: Resist


added: Fri 19 October 2007

Just a quick note to say that the forum will be down over the weekend - while we move servers. We aim to have everything back to exactly how it was by Mid-day Monday. Thanks for your understanding and our apologese for the incovienance. Please check back on Monday.

GGM RAW Radio Tonight with Smurf, Endymion & Neokorus

added: Tue 02 October 2007

Tuesday October 2nd 2007
22:00 - 00:00 GMT

Transmitting live from Smurf's Gabba Toilet this month ..........

ENDYMION (Enzyme Records, Holland)
Exclusive 60 minute DJ set recorded especially for this show.
- NOte, this will not be made available for download afterwards

NEOKORUS (Born To Kill, Out Of Control Records, France)
30 minute DJ set

30 minute DJ set of the latest releases

Tune in via

Live chat @

Source: Smurf

Bonkers 17 artwork & line-up announced

added: Tue 02 October 2007

The artwork and lineup for upcoming "Bonkers 17 - Rebooted" by Resist has been released. The album is set for release October 29th 2007, although the artwork may not be final.

The line-up is
Disc 1 - Brisk & Ham
Disc 2 - Sharkey & Kevin Energy
Disc 3 - Scott Brown & Marc Smith

UK Dance launch new website

added: Tue 02 October 2007

It was back in 1995 when the idea for UKDance first materialised. Force & Styles (Paul & Darren) had been signed to Kniteforce Records and Universal Records with friends James Broomfield (now Jamie Ritmen) and Paul Hughes (now lost in a techy world) under the guises of DJ Force & The Evoluion and A Sense Of Summer, respectively. The period was a massive learning curve and a hughely enjoyable experience. It was clear though, that to satisfy the need to release more material and have complete artistic license there was only one way forward and that would be through creating their own label, UK Dance. now 12 years later UK Dance is back with Paul force at the helm, and they have a new website to boot. Check it out here

Source: Uk Dance HQ


added: Tue 11 September 2007

Resist Records today sent us the tracklisting for their new album "Hard Fast Furious" combining UK Hardcore, Harddance, Techno & Hardstyle. The album is mixed by Mark EG, Anne Savage + DJ Force and features a load of tracks including CD debut of Scottish up & Coming Hardcore producer MIKK as well as a new track by ACTIVE FORCE vs. JOEY RIOT.

2. BAS MOOY- Nachtschade (Radial Remix)
3. A PAUL - Interzone
4. RADIAL - Recover
5. LARS KLEIN - Midosuji M 19
7. KOLD KONEXION & LUNA – Return To Zero
8. WARMDUSCHER – Stow it (Hault’s Maul)
9. FJ PROJECT - Acid & Love
10. COSMIC GUYS - Atmosphere (FJ Project Mix)
11. EXODUS - Red Mission (FJ Project Mix)
12. COOL GREY - Silent Wishes (Hard Mix)
13. DONKEY ROLLERS - Chopper
14. SAM PUNK - Need Some (F***in Pi*lz)
15. HIGH VOLTAGE – Kokane Biatchez
16. SHOWTEK – Fuck The System (FTS)
17. AJ BUSTA - I Grown It (Francesco Zeta Remix)


1. MARK SHERRY vs DR WILLIS – Here Come The Drums
4. ALTERN-8 – Aciv-8 (Come With Me) [Organ Donors Remix]
6. BK – Mine’s A Double
7. BK & KUTSKI – Depth Charge
8. WALT - Ctrl Walt Del [Organ Donors Remix]
9. DARK BY DESIGN - Loops & Ting
11. TECHNIKAL vs MDA & SPHERICAL - Supersonic
12. LEE HASLAM - Music Is The Drug (Amber D Remix)
13. LED - The Creator
15. TECHNIKAL - Back 2 The Old Skool


1. STARUNT - Dirty Karma
2. JOEY RIOT & ACTIVE FORCE - Go Ballistic
3. SY & UNKNOWN - Let The Bass Just Boom
4. LOST SOUL - Sacrifice
5. PARADISE – Angel (Supreme, Sunset Regime & Ramos Remix)
6. FORCE & RITMEN ft. NINA MARIE - Break The Silence
7. BREEZE & UFO - Dirty (Exclusive HFF Remix)
8. AL STORM – Shadows
9. DOUGAL & GAMMER - Nobody Likes It
10. STYLES & BREEZE - Do You Want Me Honey (Exlusive Force & Ritmen HFF Remix)
11. MIKK - Just Another Punk
12. DOUGAL & GAMMER - All The Tears I've Cried
13. SCOTT BROWN & DMO - Let Me See You Dance
ft. MARIE LOUISE - Journey
16. JAMIE RITMEN - Never Say Die

Source: Resist HQ


added: Thu 06 September 2007

The eagerly awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed "Hardcore Underground" has been unveiled today. The release date for "Hardcore Underground 2" is October 15th. Artwork and tracklisting below:

CD1: Kurt B2B Stormtrooper

1. Robbie Long & AMS - Hardcore Rush (Orbit1 Remix)
2. Gammer & JB-C - Happy Hard House
3. DJ Helical vs DJ Stormtrooper feat. Sam Davage - Come With Me
4. Kurt - World Domination
5. DJ Chewy - Rock This Place - (Kurt Remix)
6. DJ Silver V The Acolyte - Thug Connected (Orbit1 Remix)
7. Kurt Vs Keyes - Twilight Zone (Exclusive HU Mash-Up Mix)
8. Tommy L & DJ Kurt - Fcuk You Biatch
9. 2 Damn Tuff - Blow The Roof 2007
10. Gavin G & Sytronik - Sorry (Hujib's Lethal Bounce remix)
11. Stabilized feat. The MD - Rock Paranoia
12. Kurt - Right About Now
13. Injured Rezz & The MD - Coke In The Nose
14. DJ Stormtrooper feat. MC Knight - Hardcore Raver
15. DJ Wink - Over Me (Kurt Remix)
16. Ethos & Nemesis - Hardcore Generation
17. DJ Seduction vs Joey Riot vs DJ Kurt - Don't Hold The Bassline - (Exclusive HU mix)
18. Darwin - Go This Way
19. Entity & Darwin - End Of Time (HU mix)
20. Al Twisted & JFX - Belgian Waffle (Joey Riot Remix)

CD2: Fracus B2B Al Storm

1. Fracus & Al Storm feat. Lisa Marie - Without You (HU Intro Mix)
2. Flyin' & Sparky - Report TO The Dancefloor
3. Impact & Resist - All I Want (Sy & Unknown Remix)
4. Al Storm - Want To Party?
5. BLG feat. Kelly C - Can You Feel The Passion? (Mike Euphony Remix)
6. Al Storm - Elektro Therapy
7. Fracus Vs Orbit 1 feat. Lisa Abbott - Always Stay With Me (Fracus Mix)
8. Billy "Daniel" Bunter & CLSM feat. Junior - Cry Your Tears (Al Storm Remix)
9. Fracus feat. Donna Grassie - Heartbreaker
10. Inverse feat. Sally - I Need You (Ultravibes Remix)
11. Slipmatt - Jump Around (Fracus Remix)
12. Fracus feat. Andy L - When We're Together
13. Al Storm vs Heaven 7 - Take Me Away (Al Storm's Breakz Mix)
14. Petrol Heads - See 4 Eva (Cube::Hard Remix)
15. Chwhynny & Orbit 1 - A Clean Cry Won't Do
16. Al Storm feat. Ali - Rain
17. Weaver feat. Andy L - Sun Is Shining
18. Sunrize feat. Reese - Take Control (HU Edit)
19. SMS feat. Donna Grassie - Freefallin'
20. Euphony feat. Danielle - Turnaround (Nu Foundation Remix)

CD3: Darwin B2B Arkitech B2B Nu Foundation

1. Buzzmasta - Cloudy Day (Steel Head Mix)
2. Audio X feat. Serenity - Drug Abuse
3. Ruffage & Chwhynny - Pretty Pink Flower
4. XL - What it Takes
5. Kevin Energy - Tribal Resistance
6. CLSM & Bunter feat. Leah Symons - My Desire (CLSM Remix)
7. Ponder - Nimbus
8. Alek Szahala - Alanamra (Arkitech Remix)
9. Shanty & Invader - Danse Macabre
10. Darwin - All the Time
11. DJ Cruze & DJ Breaks feat. MC Friction - Rockin To The Flavour
12. Nu Foundation - I Can Feel It
13. Darwin - Takes You Back
14. Kevin Energy & K-Complex - Suck My Rock (Ethos & Stormtrooper Remix)
15. Darwin feat. Donna Grassie - Every Day
16. Michael Mansion feat. Alina - Heights (Exclusive HU Mix)
17. Rampant & Obie vs Darwin & Ant Johnson - Twice Around The Moon (Chaos Remix)
18. Ephexis & Seventy-7 - Quantum Fury
19. Darwin - Passion Is Obsession
20. Robbie Long & Devastate - PSA (Arkitech Remix)

Source: Hardcore UNderground

An Interview with The Dj Producer

added: Tue 14 August 2007

Luke McMillan aka The DJ Producer over the last 15 years has become a household name with UK rave music. From his early releases on Storm, Skrewface and the immortal Deathchant right up to this year's releases on The Third Movement and his own Rebelscum, you know a Producer track is always going to be special. Previous collaborations include tracks with Manu Le Malin, Hellfish and more, a tribute to his varied musical production. Over the years he's played everything from hard techno to drum & bass, Dutch new style to Deathchant and speedcore to Mongolian flute music (ok the last one isn’t true). A true rave legend and a pleasure to watch on the decks, it’s the west country superstar The DJ Producer. In preperation for his performance at Twisted & brainfire's 8th Birthday Party, DJ Thumpa kindly took the time to ask him some questions for ....

Check the interview here

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New Album: FREEFORMATION - Wise Up Get Stupid - Only £7.99

added: Wed 25 July 2007

Out now is the new Cd from Resist in association with Nu Energy Collective "Freeformation" mixed by Sharkey & Kev Energy.

Freeformation: one of the fastest growing hardcore club events in the UK, has been going from strength to strength over the last three years, with sellout events at London’s best underground club Hidden in Vauxhall and various tours including recently rockin’ the Hardcore Heaven Weekender and HTID in the Sun out in Spain.

Freeformation was created by two of the scene’s legendary and leading figures Kevin Energy and Sharkey – who have joined forces once again with Resist - the world’s leading Hardcore label to bring you, ‘Wise Up… Get Stupid!’ A new mid-price 3CD showcasing the full spectrum of Hardcore music from their Freeformation event.

In a short space of time, Freeformation has captured the attention of underground music lovers everywhere, with a huge range of music, with established acts performing alongside the hottest new names to create an unrivalled crazy party vibe.

Freeformation ‘Wise Up Get Stupid’ Tracklist

CD1: ‘Freeformations Creators’ Sharkey & Kevin Energy
01. Dancelordz – Together (Karl Future Remix)
02. Double Dekka - Seven Wonders
03. Nervous Testpiolot - Believe Me
04. Flame - Numb Hardcore
05. Arkitech Vs Double Decka - I May Be Dreaming
06. Eryk Orpheus & Mark Ashley - B.T.S
07. Firefly - Dreamspell
08. Darwin Obie & Mr. E - Stereo Sonic
09. Sharkey Vs CLSM - Like A Maniac
10. Flame - Future Hero
11. Ephexis Vs Seventy-7 - Psymbiosis (Four To The Floor Mix)
12. DJ Delta Vs K Complex - The Retreat
13. Sharkey & Arkitech - Never Say Die
14. Weaver & Antix - Innocence
15. Gammer - Rippin Up (Kevin Energy Remix)
16. Freeza - Study My Bounce
17. Rampant & Dizzyvibe - Never Loose Your Hardcore
18. Kevin Energy & K Complex - Suck My Rock (Ethos & Stormtrooper Remix)
19. Kevin Energy & Gammer - This Is The Place
20. Ephexis - Nan Chaun
21. Arkitech - Letting Go
22. Sharkey Vs Kevin Energy - Wise Up Get Stupid (Exclusive Album Edit)

CD2: ‘Freeformation Anthems Past to Present’ Sharkey & Kevin Energy
01. Marc Smith - Ecoplex
02. Kevin Energy & Blackout - Crazy Styles
03. Sharkey, Kevin Energy & K Complex – The Baptism
04. Kevin Energy - Take Me Up
05. Eclipse & Sharkey - Distonord
06. Kevin Energy - In Deep Trouble
07. Kevin Energy - Freaky Fazes
08. Sharkey – Lotek (Sharkey Remix)
09. Kevin Energy - Crescendos Of Ecstasy
10. Cynista Vs Safe n Sound - Chemical Warefare
11. Kevin Energy – Roll With This
12. Andy Vinal & Dj Devotion – Say It Again
13. Kevin Energy - Future Dimensions 2
14. Fade - The Future
15. Eclipse & Sharkey – Mind Launch
16. Helix & Fury - Insane Asylum
17. Kevin Energy feat. Loopy - Overdose
18. Sharkey - The Awakening
19. Marc Smith - Encounters
20. Sharkey - Hardlife
21. K Complex - Adagio
22. Sharkey, Kevin Energy & K Complex – Anna (Cub::Hard Remix)
23. Carbon Based - Anger ball (Kevin Energy Remix)
24. A.M.S - Check This Out
vCD3: ‘Freeformation Residents’ K Complex, Arkitech & Eryk Orpheus
01. Karl Future – Give Yourself
02. Kevin Energy & K Complex - Nominal Thrust
03. Nervous Testpilot feat. Sarah – Motion
04. Kevin Energy & DJ Proteus - London Helsinki (K Complex Remix)
05. Injured Forces – Feel The Energy
06. Ephexis – Perpetuate (Exclusive Freeformation Edit)
07. Mister Stewart & Barry Diston “No More”
08. Weaver featuring Lisa Marie – Fantasy
09. Kevin Energy & K Complex - Hands Up
10. Simon Perry – Don’t Let Me Down (Eryk Orpheus Remix)
11. Arkitech – Ready To Move
12. Obie Darwin & Mr E - Oi!
13. Eryk Orpheus & DJ Toulouse – Just a Second
14. A.M.S - Fuckin with the Beats
15. Arkitech - A Type
16. D.L.S. – Wired To The Moon
Marc Smith & Arkitech – Rock and Roll
18. Arkitech - Like Fiyah
19. Eryk Orpheus & Arkitech - Step Inside The Party
20. Karaoke Pirates feat Crystalblu – Baby Baby
21. Ethos - Music (Kevin Energy Remix)
22. Eryk Orpheus - I’m The Daddy
23. Arkitech and Double Decka – Life Is A Construct

Source: NEC
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Fifthteen Years of Rotterdam Records

added: Thu 19 July 2007

It all started fifteen years ago as a statement against the entire Amsterdam club-scene, when Rotterdam Records, initiated by the godfather of hardcore Paul Elstak, released its very first release as an “anti-Amsterdam record” against the Amsterdam club culture. When “Amsterdam, waar lech dat dan?” (translated: “Amsterdam, where the f*ck is that?”) was unleashed, it grew out to be an absolute cult record! In the years past by, the label has had a huge influence on the development of the hardcore scene. The history of the label shows a lot of famous artists who have released on the label. Everybody knows DJ Paul Elstak, De Euromasters, Rotterdam Termination Source, Neophyte and DJ Rob & MC Joe. Many of them are still performing every week proving they’re a part of the scene’s finest. During the past years they have released numerous classics; who’s not familiar with the old school hits like “Poing”, “Alles Naar De Kl-te” and “The Beat Is Flown”? And what to think of the good old “happy hardcore” tracks like “Life Is Like A Dance” or “Don’t Leave Me Alone”, and the all-time favorites like “Get This Motherfucker”, “Army of Hardcore”, “Muil Houwe” and the Neophyte’s recent hit “Recht Uit De Ondergrond”! New generation artists like Outrage and Elite Forces don’t need to be introduced anymore as well. This year, three important mile stones were achieved in the long-lasting history of the worldly acclaimed mother-of-all-hardcore labels: Rotterdam Records. This label celebrates her 15th anniversary, reaches the 100th vinyl release and the 50th CD release! Considering the history of the label, the many Rotterdam Records artists and the heap of releases, we can't let these festivities pass by fully unnoticed…. The double 12” vinyl “Rotterdam Records 100” presents eleven Rotterdam Records biggies, re-worked by various hardcore legends and the winner of the Rotterdam Records Remix Contest. And of course, also the 50th CD release has to be a special one. Especially for this occasion, DJ Panic and DJ Neophyte selected over 100 Rotterdam Records tracks and blended these into a raging megamix divided over two silver discs. The third CD is filled with the 2007 remixes, as to be found on the double 12” vinyl. On Saturday the 30th of June 2007 the entire Outland venue in Rotterdam was reconstructed Rotterdam Records style for the official release party for these anniversary releases. Just like Rotterdam Records, this location (in the past also known as Ministry of Dance, La Xala, A20 and Tomorrowland) has built an enormous history; the reason why these two Rotterdam landmarks in music history were united this night. Almost all artists related to the label were present to celebrate this fantastic fact the right way!

Source: Midtown

New Release: Hardcore Adrenaline 2 Album & Competition

added: Thu 19 July 2007

Out now is the new edition of Nukleuz / Gut Records HArdcore Adrenaline compilation which conatins 3 mixes brought to you by STU ALLAN, SEDUCTION + a bonus bootleg mix. Nukleuz have kindly given us three copies to give away see the competitons section for details.



1. Breeze & Styles ‘Chemical Love’ (Jamie Ritmen Rmx)
2. Angel Eyez 'Twilight' (Stu Allan Rmx)
3. Visa vs Barley 'On The Sun'
4. Stu Allan 'Far Away' (Joey Riot Rmx)
5. Audioscape ft Kelly C 'One Heart & One Mind' (Joey Riot Rmx)
6. Stu Allan ft. Vicky Fee ‘Without You’
7. Sytronik & Gavin G ft Alison Wade ‘Under A Blue Sky’
8. Fracus ft Angel Eyez ‘Into My Life’
9. Weaver & Andy L Ft. Fran ‘Cannonball’
10. Nukleuz Kollective ‘Stay’ (Stu Allan Rmx)
11. Stu Allan 'Come Back To Me'
12. Stu Allan vs Barley 'Sensation’
13. JAKAZiD 'Set Me Free (Liber8)'
14. Lisa Pin-Up, Elvira & Modelle 'Another Jam' (JAKAZiD Rmx)
15. Barley 'Working The Bass'
16. 2 Damn Tuff ‘Blow The Roof’ (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Rmx)
17. Robbie Long & AMS ft MC Ethos ‘Wakey Wakey’ (Orbit1 Rmx)
18. Robbie Long & AMS ‘Trigger Hardcore’ (Stormtrooper Rmx)


1. Dougal & Gammer ‘Dancing DJ’
2. Seduction & Joey Riot ‘Bring The Beat Back’
3. Juicy Sluts ‘Don’t Stop’
4. DJ Seduction Ft Alison Wade ‘Just For You’
5. Alistair Storm ‘Surrender’
6. DJ Seduction Ft Malaya ‘In Dreams’
7. Seduction & Joey Riot ‘Brainwashed’
8. Gammer ‘Ready To Go’
9. Supreme, Sunset Regime & Joey Riot ‘Bassline Thunder’
10. DJ Seduction ‘The Ultimate’
11. Seduction & Al Storm ‘Ready To Rock’
12. DJ’s United ‘Check Out The Sound’
13. DJ Seduction ‘Rock Ya Body’ (HA2 Mix)
14. DJ Kurt vs. Fonzerelli ‘Moonlight Party’
15. Sy & Seduction ‘The Devil’ (Alistair Storm Rmx)
16. DJ Stylus ft Olivia ‘Shake Your Body’
17. Corenell ‘Keep On Jumpin’ (DJ Seduction Rmx)
18. DJ Seduction ‘We Are Hardcore’


1. Twisted Jerks ft Nemesis ‘Gypsy Disco’
2. Injured Rezz feat. Kristy ‘Ride Like The Wind’
3. JAKAZiD ‘Can’t Hold Back’
4. DJ Foe ‘You Got The Love’
5. The Hoxtons ‘Make You A Star’ (Fracus Rmx)
6. CRW ‘I Feel Love’ (Breeze & Styles Rmx)
7. Sytronik & Petruccio ‘Bullet In The Gun’
8. Nukleuz Kollective ‘Let Me Be Your Fantasy’ (Impact)
9. Nukleuz Kollective ‘Boys Of Summer’
10.Andy Whitby & Matt Lee ‘Everybody’s Free(Stu Allan)
11. Stu Allan & Peter Pritchard ‘Adagio For Strings’
12. King Ace ‘Better Off Alone’ (Visa Rmx)
13. King Ace ‘Castles In The Sky’
14. DJ Destiny ‘What’s Up?’ (Dougal & Gammer Rmx)
15. Sound De-Zign ‘Happiness’ (Audioscape Rmx)
16. Alibi vs Rockefeller ‘Sexual Healing’ (Sparky & Sytronik Rmx)
17. Uniting Nations ‘Do It Yourself’ (Darwin Rmx)
18. Delano & Crockett ‘Missing’ (DJ Kurt Rmx)
19. Nukleuz Kollective ‘Sandstorm’ (Audioscape Rmx)

Source: Nukleuz


added: Thu 05 July 2007


New Horrorist album "Attack Decay" out now.

added: Sun 01 July 2007

Not strictly Hardcore but no doubt will intrest many people on here.

Released by German EBM/Goth label Out of Line Music this is the biggest release yet from The Horrorist.

The album is distributed by SPV so it is basically available all over the world to any store that wants it. In Germany for example it will be in the common chain stores like Saturn and Mediamart. Of course you can also find it at Metropolis Records the largest EBM-Industrial store in the world. You can even order it direct from Out of Line Music.

It is also available on iTunes. It is already shown up on the USA and Canadian iTunes stores and will be added shortly to all the others.

Read the press here:

You can listen to a preview of the album and read the lyrics for each song here:

For all UK bookings contact

Source: Things To Come

Dirtyhardcore launch "Dirtbay"

added: Wed 20 June 2007 has a new service, for all the dj's and supporters of the hardcore and underground music scenes to sell their records/ cd's/ merchandise or anything else without charge. say "We were fed up with the fact, that internet auction sites used to be a place for people to sell with ease, and for some people to make some pocket money by selling and buying items they have interest in, now those same companies charge on most sales and cash in on the people that made them what they were!" lets up register, browse, sell or purchase (goods up to £200) all free of charge. To have a look, post your items of buy some check out


added: Mon 11 June 2007

What all started on the 28th of January 2006 in The Bridge in Germany, was ended exactly one year later in the city that invented, breaths and lives hardcore: Rotterdam. The 27th of January 2007 saw the final date of what has been a memorable year for the three amigo’s Jeroen Streunding, Danny Greten and Jarno Butter, better known as the worldwide established and immensely popular hardcore group, Neophyte. During a period of twelve months, this threesome visited just about every corner of the world refreshing the minds of the globally spread hardcore headz with the true meaning of Neophyte: top of the bill hardcore, throwing a massive party, having an occasional drink and party until you drop!

After 52 weeks of continuous travelling, sleeping on airports, re-building many hotel rooms, single handily increasing the local liquor revenues and demolishing local and international hardcore stages, Neophyte officially closed off their all-consuming World Tour ’06. This tour brought them to a wide variety of countries such as Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, USA, Canada, England, Australia, Italy, Belgium and Russia, besides their many performances in the biggest venues in The Netherlands such as The Matrixx, Peppermill, Nighttown, Time Out and Tropicana. Accompanied by stunning decoration pieces, the entire Neophyte Records label roster and special national and international guest DJ’s, this group showed and proved time and time again that they belong to the absolute elite of the hardcore scene, which they have been for the last 15 years and will be for the next 15 years to come.

This DVD registration of the Neophyte World Tour ’06 is a 90 minute uncensored opportunity to experience the performances of these three hardcore grandmasters and their label mates on stage. Take a glimpse backstage to see what the audience is not allowed to see, witness their legendary hotel room after parties and accompany them on their many journeys from and to their gigs.

As extras, this DVD release contains the Director’s cut - the deleted scenes, the video of one of Neophyte’s recent hits “Recht uit de ondergrond”, Trailers & Teasers, the Neophyte Karaoke Party and a photo gallery with hundreds of party pics of Neophyte, the crew, their mates and their audience. Midtown have kindly given us 3 copies of this DVD to give away. See the competition section for details.

Source: Midtown

NEW 2CD: “HARDCORE TO THE BONE VOLUME X” Mixed by DJ Neophyte & DJ Panic including competition.

added: Tue 29 May 2007

In the year in which Rotterdam Records celebrates her 15th birthday, the 100th vinyl release and the 50th CD release, this mother of all hardcore labels reaches a fourth milestone…. the 10th edition of the compilation series Hardcore To The Bone! A series which can count on a big and loyal group of followers, increasing with every edition of Hardcore To The Bone. Needless to say this edition has again been compiled and mixed by the almighty DJ Neophyte and DJ Panic; always a guarantee for the most upfront track list with many exclusive hardcore productions, all in two seamless mixes divided over two CD’s.

Number 10 features the latest, baddest and finest hardcore tracks the hardcore scene has to offer; tracks from the likes of Masters of Ceremony, Tommyknocker, Tha Playah, Placid K, Neophyte, E-Noid, Nosferatu, Mad Dog and many many more.

Another must-have compilation if you’re into pumpin’ mainstream hardcore!

General information: Title: Hardcore to the Bone Volume X – Mixed by DJ Neophyte & DJ Panic Format: 2CD Style: hardcore Release date: 21st of May 2007 Internet: /

Full tracklisting is:

CD 1:

1. Na-Goyah vs. S'Aphira – Opposite
2. Art of Fighters – Bombermen
3. DJ Niel – My dominance
4. Masters of Ceremony – Bottoms up
5. Promo – Reign supreme
6. Rave Creator & The Mover – Atmos-fear (Catscan remix)
7. DJ Inyoung & Static – Beat down
8. Placid K – Stay classy
9. G-Town Madness & The Viper – Cliffhanger
10. Art of Fighters & Tommyknocker – Follow me
11. Tha Playah – Blast tha crowd
12. Tommyknocker – Learn (from the pain)
13. Masters of Ceremony – Put it to music
14. Paul Elstak & Firestone – Show no fear
15. DJ Inyoung & Static – Keep yappin
16. Amnesys – My motherfucking name
17. Promo feat. MC Ruffian – World's greatest project
18. Catscan – Cre8tiv counter

CD 2:

1. The Hitmen – We like it raw
2. Amnesys – Mainstream nitro
3. Ruffneck & Ophidian – All the way down
4. Masters of Ceremony – Abacadabra
5. Too Fast For Mellow – We gonna get this place (DJ Dione remix)
6. Hard Creation – We won’t have it (feat. MC Alee)
7. Tha Playah vs. DJ Mad Dog – Enter the time machine (DJ Mad Dog mix)
8. E-Noid – I don’t give a damn (Nosferatu’s Arrogance Hatred remix)
9. Tha Playah vs. Nexes – The one
10. Hard Creation – Creators of the core
11. Tha Playah – I call tha shots
12. DJ Mad Dog – Back the fuck up
13. Neophyte – Back in my brain again
14. The Stunned Guys – Raise cain
15. Na-Goyah – Here comes the.....
16. DJ Neophyte feat. Lenny Dee – Bang the box
17. SRB – Highway 666
18. Nosferatu – Unpredictable

Our dutch friends at Midtown have kindly donated 3 copies of the album to, if you would like to win a copy simply enter here..


added: Tue 15 May 2007

Gut Records have just given us 5 copies of the the triple CD album which came out earlier this year and featured mixes by Seduction and Stu Allan + a bonus mix. To win a copy, please see the competition section for details.


added: Thu 15 March 2007

Scott Brown has started work on a new DVD MOVIE and MIX ALBUM concept with Nocturnal Media named "LIVEWIRED". Scott Brown and Co. filmed in Amsterdam last weekend (Scumworld) and will be filming at the following events, Easter Weekend:

Friday 6th April - Twisted & Brainfire "REACTOR", Glasgow (uk style)

Saturday 7th April - Tranzmission, London (uk style & hard)

Sunday 8th April - B2S, Rotterdam (old school)

Make sure you find the camera and get your face on it.... We'll be doing public and dj interviews, background on my life, and the general mayhem I have to go through to make gigs every weekend. There'll be a lot of stuff on there that you'll never normally get to see, and probably a lot that will surprise you.... Lots of brand new music will also be featured on the DVD and accompanying CD mix album.

A trailer will be posted in the coming weeks on here, youtube and Release date not set yet but will be available from all usual outlets including HMV and AMAZON. Updates will follow....

Source: Evolution Records


added: Thu 01 March 2007

The annual Project event returned to the mighty Silverdome Ice Stadium on the 4th of November 2006, embracing more than 6000 hardcore fanatics who gathered for ten hours of pure hardcore madness. Both Silverdome’s main area and area 2, the so called Tunnel of Rave, showed a wide diversity of various hardcore styles; mainstream hardcore, industrial hardcore, darkcore, early rave and even a glimpse of old school was presented by an impressive selection of hardcore artists. During steaming back-to-back sets, DJ combinations such as Panic vs. Tha Playah, Nosferatu vs. The Viper, Outblast vs. Catscan, Unexist vs. Partyraiser, Bountyhunter vs. Yves and Berry vs. Drokz tore down the roof of the Silverdome and served a selection of their favourite hardcore tunes. Next to live performances by Offensive, Masters of Ceremony, Noize Suppressor and the uncrowned king of industrial Promo, DJ heroes such as Neophyte, Dione, Ophidian and Headbanger had the honour to treat the Project audience to a solo set of the highest level possible.

Every live recorded event brings the ultimate challenge to select those DJ and live sets which can uphold the high standard of the Project Hardcore compilation series. In good tradition, Mid-Town in collaboration with b2s presents another fantastic Project double CD containing those very best sets as recorded on the 4th of November. CD1 shows a nice fusion of mainstream hardcore by Panic vs. Tha Playah and the raw, fast and multi-energenic hardcore set as played by Unexist vs. Partyraiser. CD2 sees a blend of the mental distorted hardcore madness by Noize Suppressor and the dark industrial sets by Promo and Ophidian.

The DVD is best to be described as a highly essential live registration DVD if you were one of the 6000 people present at this Project edition, or for any true hardcore fan out there. A more than one hour live registration of Project containing live recorded audio in 5.1 Dolby Digital quality. As extras, footage of The Tunnel of Rave (area 2), the Project photo gallery with more than 100 party pictures and the official Project CD & DVD trailer can be found!

To see the tracklisting for the album and enter a competion to win one fo three copies kindly provided by Project Hardcore check the competition page here

Source: Mid-Town Records -


added: Fri 23 February 2007

Test presses for DJ SMURF's long overdue GGM RAW label have landed at Geordie Gabba Mafia HQ and finished 12" vinyls are expected to hit your friendly Hardcore supplier in about 3 weeks, after some final tweeking.

GGM side
1. Smurf - GGM, The Greatest Entertainers On Earth
2. Smurf - Exposure King
3. Rigamortis - Pillface

Guest side
4. Mutante - Lick My Crack
5. The Teknoist - Old Skool Metaliation

You can hear the tracks at

Source: GGM


added: Mon 29 January 2007

Feb 2007 is due to see the return of Lee UHF's Bedlam Records. Updated release schedule and info below.


A1: Mozz, Himbo, Dan Rolla, Gavin G & Sten - Bad Boy Beats (Sy & Unknown Rmx)
A2: Tabz - Got 2 Move
B1: Tabz & Curly - Blood
B1: Joey Riot - The Dancefloor

A1:/Lee UHF - Bodyache (Dj Kurt Rmx)
A2: Lee UHF - New City (Dj Kurt Rmx)
B1: Dj Kurt - Killerbeatz (Lee UHF Rmx)
B2: Dj Kurt & Tommy. L - Let Ya Body Go

A1: Joey Riot - Stay
A2: Joey Riot - True Hardcore Crusader
B2: Al Twisted & JFX - Super Crazy Ill
B2: Al Twisted & JFX - Midnight Madness

A1: Lost Soul - Rescue Me (Remix)
A2: Lost Soul - Suicide
B1: Lost Soul - Outer Space
B2: Lost Soul - Reality

A1: Lee UHF, Freestyle & Riddler - Mind Theft Audio (Deejaybee Rmx)
A2: Lee UHF - Lets Fight (AC Slater Rmx)
B1: Lee UHF - Bodyache (Cube:Very:Hard Rmx)
High Contrast (Arkitech Rmx)

Source: Bedlam Records


added: Wed 24 January 2007

Dutch Hardcore legend DJ PANIC is working on the Rotterdam Records 100 Megamix. Expect all hits which have been released on Rotterdam Records. Tracks from among others Euromasters, Neophyte, Paul Elstak and The Stunned Guys will make it worth listening to! This compilation contains old hits like “Poing”, “Life is like a dance”, “Alles naar de Kl—te” and newer releases like “Recht uit de Ondergrond”. All records from 1992 until now will be showcasted. Ofcourse there is only one man capable of mixing a choice of records as broad as his music choices: DJ PANIC! For more info, check:

Rotterdam Records is constantly spitting out hits. For the Rotterdam Records nr 100 release well known artists from industry will combine their forces to renew some older releases of Rotterdam Records. Jeroen Streuning (Neophyte) and Kelly van Soest (Evil Activities) will contribute a special remix to this release. Also Dennis Copier (Panic) and Jim Hermsen (Tha Playah) will combine forces to produce a remix for this anniversary release. Which tracks will be remixed, that will still be kept a secret!

Source: BB Bookings


added: Wed 24 January 2007

Best of Bonkers is now in the UK Compilation chart top 10 – to celebrate Resist have released an official spoof internet only TV ad. You can check it out on YouTube here. If you think you have seen / heard before, make sure your speakers are on and you listen again. Source: Resist Music


added: Mon 15 January 2007

___________________________Kickin off's new "Techno Tuesday" is a double Hardcore Techno header from North of the border, with back by popular demand the Twisted & Brainfire Darkside Sessions with Rob Da Rhythm as well the new Impact Scotland Hardcore Techno Show brought to you by Imhotep & Corky . Special guest this week on the T&B Darkside Sessions is DJ TUGIE. Tune in from 8pm every Tuesday for 2 hours of Solid Hardcore

Winamp -
Media Player -
Live Chat -


UK - 8.00pm - 9.00pm
Sydney - 7:00am - 8:00am
Los Angeles - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
New York - 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Tokyo - 5:00am - 6:00am


UK - 9.00pm - 10.00pm
Sydney - 8:00am - 9:00am
Los Angeles - 1:00pm - 2:00pm
New York - 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Tokyo - 6:00am - 7:00am

Future guests include Deathmachine, DJ Provider, Ely Muff, Riff Glitchard, Teknyne and Alkemist. For the latest info on guests on T&B Darkside Sessions refer to


added: Wed 10 January 2007

Released on Monday the 15th January is the new compliation from Resist ‘Best of Bonkers’ which features 65 Hardcore tracks (some from the 16 Bonkers albums and some that they missed the first time round). Classic tracks across 3 CDs are mixed up by legends Sharkey & Druid, Hixxy & Re-Con, and Scott Brown.

The new ‘Best of’ album is an awesome tribute to the mammoth 500,000 selling series and Best of Bonkers is now Resist’s biggest ever ship out!

Best of Bonkers is now available as a special preorder through the Resist site for only £10.50:

Disc 1 – Hixxy & Recon

1. IKON – Give Yourself To Me (Fade & Bananaman Remix)
2. J.D.S. - Higher Love (Slipmatt Remix)
3. HIXXY & SUNSET - People Party (Remix)
4. FORCE & STYLES – Harmony
5. VAMPIRE – Techno Storm (Sharkey Remix)
6. FORCE & STYLES - Wonderland
7. E-LOGIC & DNA - Kick Your Legs In The Air
8. O.M.G. – The One
9. TRIPLE J – Have It All (Pan Mix)
10. ANTISOCIAL – 24-7
11. DJ PAUL ELSTAK – Don’t Leave Me Alone (Hardcore Mix)
12. CRITICAL MASS - Burnin’ Love (DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim 173.683 Remix)
13. ANTISOCIAL – Forever Young
14. WEDLOCK - Ganjaman
15. LOCKJAW – Deep In The Underground
16. PHOENIX – Now Who’s In Control
17. DISS REACTION - Jiiieehaaaa
18. LOCKJAW - Reactor
19. NOSFERATU - The Future
20. WEDLOCK - I'm The Fuck You Man

Disc 2 – Druid & Sharkey
1. HIXXY & SHARKEY - Toytown (Exclusive Intro Mix)
2. SEB - Rainbow Islands (Sharkey Remix)
3. DRUID & SHARKEY - Bonkers Anthem
4. HELIX & TEKNO DRED - U R Everything Feat. MARLON & BECKS
5. DRUID & KEVIN ENERGY - Future Dimensions
6. BRISK & TRIXXY - Back To The Top
7. BANG THE FUTURE – Body Slam
8. SHARKEY - Revolutions Pt 2 (Slipmatt Remix)
9. DJ SLAM - Influence (Exclusive Bonkers Remix)
10. DJ FURY - Lemonade Raygun
11. KEVIN ENERGY - Vertigo
12. DJ FURY – De Sensitize 98'
13. KEVIN ENERGY - Waves Of Desire
14. SHARKEY – The Awakening
15. K COMPLEX - Adagio
16. DJ KAOS - Can You Feel It (Acid & Bass VIP Mix)
17. ETHOS & KAOS Ft. MC SHARKEY - Get Fucked
18. CLSM - John Peel (Not Enough)
19. KAOS & ETHOS - Technorocker
20. CLSM & SHARKEY - Wicked MC
21. MARC SMITH - Boom ‘N’ Pow (Exclusive Marc Smith Bonkers Remix)
23. HELIX - Now Control
24. SHARKEY - Product Of Society
25. DJ ECLIPSE - Ultraworld 5

1. SCOTT BROWN & HYPERBASS - We're Droppin' This (Plus System Remix)
2. PLUS SYSTEM - Make You Freak
3. PLUS SYSTEM - Prince Of Darkness
4. SCOTT BROWN - Turn Up The Music (Breeze & Styles Remix)
5. PLUS SYSTEM - Commence
6. SCOTT BROWN - Wakey Wakey
7. PLUS SYSTEM – Neckbreaker
8. SY & UNKNOWN - Bring Me Round To Love (Scott Brown’s Evolution Remix)
9. SCOTT BROWN - Rock You Softly
10. SCOTT BROWN Feat. CAT KNIGHT - All About You
11. SCOTT BROWN - Taking Drugs?
12. PLUS SYSTEM - This Is How We Do It
13. SCOTT BROWN - Elysium+
14. BRISK & HAM - Angel Eyes
16. ART OF FIGHTERS - Earthquake
17. SCOTT BROWN - Ghosts
18. HARD CREATION - Bastard / Asshole
19. THE VIPER & TOMMYKNOCKER - The Prophecy Unfolds (Tha Playah Remix)
20. SCOTT BROWN - Boomstick

Source: Resist Music


added: Mon 18 December 2006

Test Presses of the new batch of Thin N Crispy Limited (500 copies including promos) are now avaliable exclusivly from the TNC store here. Full releases will be out Jan / Feb time.

Druid & Stormtrooper
A. 'Pump This Party'
AA. 'Body Rock'

A. Al Twisted & JFX 'Raise The Roof’
AA. Rampant & Obie Vs Darwin ‘Beyond Us’

DJ Kurt
A. 'Secret Raver'
AA. 'Don’t Hold Ya Breath'

A. Weaver ‘Pump It Up’
AA. Ben Fable ‘Stabiliser’


added: Tue 12 December 2006

Joey Riot & Kurt's Lethal Theory Record Label's 1st release is out now in the form of a limited edition picture disc.

Tracklisting is as follows.

A1. JOEY RIOT - "Do We Need The Music" (Sy & Unknown Remix)
A2: LETHAL THEORY feat VICKY FEE - "Bring Me Back" (DJ Kurt Mix)
B1: DJ KURT - "The New Shit"
B2: JOEY RIOT - Your Smile


Source: Lethal Theory Buy the vinyl while stocks last and hear clips hear


added: Sun 26 November 2006

Out now is the long awaited double CD compilation from Fix Party "Temple Of Terror". The two disc album features on disc one a DJ Mix by GGM madman DJ SMURF and on disc two a selection of CD-J Friendly tracks compiled by Smurf.

CD 1 - Mixed by Smurf :
Smurf featuring Tom Wilson - The Greatest Entertainers On Earth
Al Zeimer - Hardcore Gigolos
Bryan Fury - Bluntz & Beatz (Straight Outta Deathchant)
The Speedfreak - Slammit!
Mutante - HXC Booty
Infared - Controlled Usage
Delta 9 - No More Regrets (remix)
Rob Gee & Starscream - Adrenalize
The Bezerker - I'll Take Your Life
The Horrorist - Ich Habe Die Macht
Roms - Bitch Box
Negative Network - Frequency X
The Destroyer - Save The Old
Aggressor Ov Darkness - Catacombs Of Oblivion
R. Shock - Technotronic
Moshpit - We Killed Jah
Smurf - Gusset Typist
Doormouse - Keishaka Kore
Smurf - Exposure King (The Trumpet Song)
Infared & Miss Cat - Papa Smurf Can Lick My Ass

CD2 - Unmixed. Compiled by Smurf:
Rob Gee & Starscream - P.F.U
BMH Squad - Contract
BudBurNerZ - Watatekoku
Goetia - Hardline Part 2
Tormented Boy - Confide
Bouncemasters v The Vizitor - Kicktype_1
Alkemist & Strontium - Power To Distort
Mutante - Try To Stop That
Smurf - Shitter
AngerNoizer v Hellseeker - Harde Tijden
Rigamortis - Oot The Back Of A Van
UEP - Jigged Jogged
D Cursed - 5.56mm
Stinger - Pink Pyjama's
The Destroyer - French Toast
ATROA - Boogie Man At'Doo

The albums is distributed by Rige Distribution and is avaliable to buy here now

Source: GGM HQ


added: Thu 23 November 2006

Scottish Hardcore Legend DJ MARC SMITH started his career way back in 1985 well before the birth of the ravescene. Marc earned his stripes first being the typical bedroom dj playing hip-hop then teaming up with a few local rappers playing the local hip-hop circuit in and around Glasgow. After seriously perfecting his craft, a couple of years later Marc discovered dance music and early acid house by 1987/88 and at the tender age of 17 he had secured a residency at Glasgow club's 'The Warehouse', followed by 'The Hacienda' (or the 'Hac' as he fondly refers to it) and 'Heaven'. A few years later Rave was massive in Scotland and Marc was at the at the forefront of the movement; renowned for his tight mixing and scratching regularly playing at every major Rave in Scotland and beyond including the likes of 'Holocaust', 'Technodrome' and 'Earthquaker' and later on 'Rezerection' and 'Fantazia'.

With Marc booked for Twisted & brainfire for a classic Rez set on the 1st December in Glasgow we would nag him for an interview...

[ read the fill interview here ]

Hecht-tech Records present Hardcore Re-United 2

added: Tue 21 November 2006

The Hardcore reunited 2 mixed by Geos & Druid, Marc Smith & Devastate and UFO. Due for release sometime in January 2007.

CD 1 : Druid,Geos + MC Marley
1/ Pulsonix - Lift me up (geos_gammer remix) - Turbulance
2/ Geos feat Marley - look at all the ravers (ufo remix) - Htid/raverbaby
3/ Flyin+Sparky feat Charm - Down to you - Electrik
4/ DJ Robbo - listen to your heart - Ufology
5/ Geos feat Marley - live for the music - Electrik
6/ Fracus - leave it all behind - Hecttech
7/ G.S.D.X - Sacrifice - Electrik
8/ Geos feat Marley - Power and the glory (VIP mix) - Htid/raverbaby
9/ Fracus+Gavin G feat lisa abbott - Almost over - Hecttech
10/ Geos feat Marley - Gonna take you high (gammer remix) - Electrik
11/ DJ Robbo - U had it - Total Hardcore
12/ Gavin G - Cheated - Hecttech
13/ G.S.D.X - The dream - Electrik
14/ G.S.D.X - On the move - Electrik
15/ Darwin - Retro ravin - Graffiti Trax
16/ Druid + Stormtrooper - I can rock - TnC
17/ Druid + Stormtrooper - Gonna hit ya - TnC
18/ Bubble + Squeak - Free - Hecttech

CD 2 : Devastate + Marc Smith
1/ Jay + JTB - Your mind - Notorious Vinyl
2/ Marc Smith + Devastate - (untitled) - Notorious Vinyl
3/ Marc Smith - (untitled) - Notorious Vinyl
4/ Marc Smith - Gravity (cubehard remix) - Notorious Vinyl
5/ Marc Smith + Arkitech - Body groovin - Notorious Vinyl
6/ Kurt - Ruff rider provider (remake) - Notorious Vinyl
7/ The A.M.D.A - **** the rails - Muffin Music
8/ Arkitech - Never trust authority - Kaotic
9/ Rampant + Dizzy Vibe - Never lost his hardcore - Relentless Vinyl
10/ Adam Harris - Drop da bomb - Hecttech
11/ MC Keyes - Breakout - Hecttech
12/ Ben X-treme + Keyes - Lose control - Hecttech
13/ Northern Alliance - Im the **** u man - Hecttech/Penguin
14/ Adam Harris - Do u want more - Hecttech
15/ Scott Majestik - (untitled) - Higher Order
16/ Deva + Marc - Introducing - Nu Vision
17/ Steve Beats - The Power - Nu Vision
18/ Invader - Bang the drums - Electronic
19/ Martin Space + DJam - Numb - Nu Vision
20/ Stormtrooper + Devastate - Battle of my mind - Nu Vision
21/ Devastate - What is hardcore - Nu Vision

1/ UFO - Intro - Ufology
2/ UFO - Hypersonic - Ufology
3/ Fracus - All you can be - Hecttech
4/ UFO feat Shelly - Blown away - Ufology
5/ Sytronik + Sparky feat Fran - Let it shine - Ufology
6/ Scott Brown - Memories )ufo remix) - Evolution
7/ Solapse - Nobody likes it - Ufology
8/ Sytronik + Spenno feat Ali - In paradise - Ufology
9/ Sytronik + Spenno feat Andy L - One day (Scott Brown remix) - Ufology
10/ Joey Riot - All i want - Hecttech
11/ UFO feat Ali - Two worlds - Ufology
12/ DJ Scandal + DJ G-Vinyl - Spring - Ufology
13/ UFO feat Ali - This time - Ufology
14/ UFO - Punk access - Ufology
15/ DJ Robbo - Wont forget these days - Ufology
16/ UFO - Tears (06 remix) - Ufology
17/ UFO feat Shelly - Raining down - Ufology
18/ Chaos - If i were you - Hecttech



added: Wed 15 November 2006

Out this week are remixes of Mike Euphony's Heaven 7 track "Speak Of Love".

On Remix duties are Twisted & Brainfire's DJ JFX & Al Twisted on one side and Brisk & Ham on the other side.

You can hear and buy the remixes at IMO records here

Source: IMO Records


added: Tue 14 November 2006

Bedlam Records have kindly put up a second FREE track on their download label by Tabz called "The Hardcore Massive" (BDGX002)

You can download the track along with BDGX001 hear:

Also dont forget to check and the exclusive MP3 section on tomorrow for the following tracks to be available to buy.

BDG007- Cryin Bastard- Devastate,Reese & Cloudskipper
BDG008- Hardcore Hip Hop- Dan Devotion & Excert
BDG009- Turn Up The Bass- Tabz (Exclusive never been released)

The free track is a thankyou to everyone NOT file sharing these releases and been curtious enough to purchase them.

Source: Lee @ Bedlam


added: Sat 11 November 2006

With Xmas round the corner you may be thinking about xmas gifts, if so we have a little something for you: The Early Order special from Spreadshirt/T&B gives you a £2 discount on all orders. Valid until 30.11.2006. Reduce stress! Improve your gifts!

Use the voucher code: XMAS06

To check out the products available click here or click the 'shop' link on the twistedandbrainfire site. All are printed to order to the highest quality (designs don't fade) and are priced reasonably.

Submitted by T&B


added: Thu 26 October 2006

Out this Monday ( October 30th ): Hardcore Underground Triple CD from Krafty.

CD1: Kurt b2b Stormtrooper - The "Party like it's 2006" mix
01. DJ Kurt - Space Odyssey 2006
02. Druid & Stormtrooper - Bodyrock
03. Chwhynny - I Am (Sy & Unknown Remix)
04. Fracus - Give Me Your Love (DJ Stormtrooper Remix)
05. Joey Riot – Can’t Be Trusted
06. DJ Kurt - Spaceman
07. Alistair Storm – Droppin’ Bombz
08. Druid & Stormtrooper - Pump This Party
09. Ethos & Stormtrooper - Party People
10. Tabz - Got 2 Move
11. DJ Kurt - The New Shit
12. Joey Riot & Pikey - Move Ya Body
13. Joey Riot & Pikey - Summin 2 Dance 2
14. DJ D-Lyte - The Ultimate
15. Stabilized - Reach 4 The Sky
16. Tommy L & Kurt - Let Your Body Groove
17. DJ Kurt - Dont Hold Ya Breath
18. Darwin Vs. Cube::Hard - Pulse Attack (DJ Stormtrooper Remix)
19. DJ Kurt - Secret Raver
20. DJ Stormtrooper - Bass Keeps Pumpin’

CD2: Fracus b2b Mozz - "The Dalliances with Desideratum mix"
01. Fracus & Mozz Feat. Vicky Fee – Hold On To Me
02. DJ Lord – Raggamuffin Rock
03. Mozz, Dan Rolla & Gavin G – Give You The World
04. Devastate - Evolution
05. A.M.S – Underground Hardcore
06. The Lazy Boyz Vs Keyes & Livelee - Lonely
07. Fracus – Mirage (Brisk & Ham Remix)
08. Gammer & Chwhynny – Continental Breakfast
09. Darwin – Wicked Rock
10. Mozz & Himbo Feat. Gazy J – Woohah!
11. Gavin G – Do It Now
12. SMD2AA (Alistair Storm Remix)
13. The Lazy Boyz Feat. Magika – Keep On Flexin’
14. Force & Jack Speed – Welcome To The Sunshine (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
15. Jonny El & Fastraxx – The Slammer (Sy & Unknown Remix)
16. Fracus & Orbit1 Feat. Lisa Abbott – In Your Arms
17. Gavin G & Dan Rolla – Hardcore Bashment 2006
18. Oli G & Smackdown – Crazy (The Lazy Boyz Remix)
19. Oli G – Errrmmm…
20. Lee UHF – High Contrast (Arkitech Remix)

CD3: Darwin b2b Cube::Hard - The "Unfettered Underground" Mix
01. Kid Alaska – "Money Maker" (Cube::Hard’s 0% Finance Option)
02. Jon Doe - Warehouse (Cube::Hard remix)
03. DJ RX - Code of Silence
04. SMS - 7th Power
05. DJ Entity - Fallout
06. Belladonnakillz - Kill Belladonna (Panacea Remix)
07. Ruffage & Chwhynny feat Ant Johnson - Intoxicate Me (exclusive mix)
08. CLSM - Close Your Eyes (2006 album edit)
09. Cube::Hard vs Darwin - Under Pressure
10. Cynix - Save You
11. Chwhynny - Until the Day I Die
12. Arkitech - Tranzport Pt 2
13. Darwin feat Pearl Blue - Don't be Lonely
14. Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - DJs in Full Effect (The "Luna-C Goes Mental" Remix)
15. Reese - Cross the Line
16. Ponder - Smoke Without Fire
17. The Acolyte & Invader - Knuckleshuffle
18. Alek Szahala - Dryad machine
19. The Acolyte Featuring Amy - Draw To You (Cube::Hard Remix)
20. Darwin feat Justin - Sunset Blue

Audio Clips, pre-order/order info and free tunes to download @


added: Tue 03 October 2006

Out today is the latest instalment of Resist Music and Slammin Vinyl's HARDCORE HEAVEN ALBUM - VOLUME 4. The album which sees a change of DJs on compiling and mixing duties to SCOTT BROWN, ENERGY and JOEY RIOT. Good to see two Scots getting in there. You can buy the triple CD in most record shops.

Full tracklisting is:

01. SCOTT BROWN – Goodbye My Friend
02. MIKE EUPHONY - Take The Pill
03. GAMMER & MC SMILEY - Deep Down
04. DJ HAM – Everybody Move Your Body
05. SCOTT BROWN – Love, Peace & Casualty
06. DJ STORM & THE ACOLYTE Feat. LISA ABBOTT - Falling Through (Alistair Storm Remix)
07. SCOTT BROWN – How Many Sukkas (Plus System Remix)
08. JAMIE RITMEN - 303 Freestyle
09. EUPHONY & TST - Release The Pressure
10. SCOTT BROWN – Life As We Know It
11. GAMMER - Cube Negative (HH4 VIP)
12. BRISK & VAGABOND – Innocent
13. SCOTT BROWN – Viroid (Nu Foundation Mix)
14. FORCE & JACK SPEED Feat. LISA ABBOTT - Break Of Dawn (Scott Brown Remix)
17. HARD CREATION – I will have that power 2006 (The Stunned Guys Remix)


01. SPLASH – Blame The Moon
02. DANCELORDZ - Together
03. MDA AND SPHERICAL vs DJ GRH Feat. DONNA MARIE – Illusion(MDA Hardcore Mix)
04. SIMON P – Don’t Let Me Down (Karl Future Remix)
06. SHARKEY - I Robot
07. VAGABOND Ft. TAIS – Dematerialize
08. AMS - Pump It Up
09. KEVIN ENERGY - Message Mayhem
10. EPHEXIS & SEVENTY 7 – Psymbiosis
11. VISIONARY - Taste The Funk (Cube::Hard Remix)
12. KEVIN ENERGY & DJ PROTEUS - London Helsinki (Lost Soul Remix)
13. K COMPLEX & KEVIN ENERGY – Filling Me With Desire
14. ALEK SZAHALA - Alanamra
15. LOST SOUL - Zombie With A Chainsaw
16. DAVE ELYZIUM - No Limits
17. LOST SOUL - Outta My Brain
19. KEVIN ENERGY & K COMPLEX - Everybody Get Down
21. ARKITECH - A Type
22. SHARKEY - Gravy Beatz
23. BEN FABLE – Stabilizer
24. AMS - Greedy Bastards
25. MAYHEM – The Anthem
26. JOEY RIOT - Medi Evil
27. MARC SMITH & GAMMER - One With The Beat


01. JOEY RIOT - HH4 Intro
02. JOEY RIOT - Your Smile
03. LETHAL THEORY Feat. VICKY FEE - Bring Me Back (DJ Kurt Mix)
04. STATIK - Got A Feelin’ (Joey Riot Remix)
05. KOZZA Feat. ANT GOLDSMITH - Dream Forever
06. HEAVEN 7 - Speak Of Love (Al Twisted and JFX Remix)
07. SEDUCTION & GAMMER - Feel The Sun (Joey Riot Remix)
08. GAMMER – Body Flow (Refix)
09. JOEY RIOT – Born Hardcore (DJ Kurt’s Straight Jacket Remix)
10. BRISK & VAGABOND - Night & Dayz (Joey Riot Remix)
11. DJ KURT – Suicide
12. FORCE & JACK SPEED Feat. LISA ABBOTT - Written In The Stars (Original Hardcore Mix)
14. DJ KURT – Posse & Crew (Joey Riot Remix)
16. UNITED IN HARDCORE – Rockin’ With The Best (Joey Riot HH Remix)
17. JOEY RIOT & THE RIPPER Feat. TAYA - Remember (Joey Riot Excl HH Remix)
18. JOEY RIOT – Chemical Bond
19. LETHAL THEORY Feat. VICKY FEE - Losing My Religion (Joey Riot Mix)
20. KEVIN ENERGY & K COMPLEX - Suck My Rock (Ethos & Stormtrooper Remix)
21. IMPACT - My Style
22. STABILIZED Feat. MC ETHOS - Drop The Needle (DJ Stormtrooper Remix)
23. JOEY RIOT – The Beat The Bass
24. DOUGAL & GAMMER - Make Some Noize (Joey Riot Remix)
25. JOEY RIOT – Total Confusion
26. JOEY RIOT – Hardcore 2 Da Bone (Nailed It Remix)


added: Wed 30 August 2006

Daniel Técoult aka Radium started producing Hardcore / Techno in 1993. By 1997 Radium had his own label; the famous Psychik Genocide. This label later grew to be part of his Audiogenic group of labels he co-runs.

Radium is a producer and dj renowned for his own sound, which has been imitated by many others but still, stands head and shoulders above the rest. Over the years Daniel has released on labels like Deathchant, Cunt, Randy909 and Shockwave as well as releases as part of Micropoint on BEAST, Dead End, Headfuck and Neurotoxic..

His DJ sets have taken him all Europe, on Friday 1st September Radium makes his long overdue return to Scotland for his Twisted & Brainfire debut.

Scottishhardcore took the time to have a few words with the man.

check the interview here


added: Wed 02 August 2006

On Monday the 7th August, the third installment of the mega popular Nukleuz/Warner album HARDCORE NATION hits the shops. The three CD compilation mixed by SEDUCTION, STU ALLAN and ROBBIE LONG. For full tracklisting visit

To coincide with the album Nukleuz will also be releasing the HARDCORE NATION ALBUM SAMPLER, tracklisting and audio clips below...

1) Audioscape & Sparky “Hardcore Nation” [ audio ]
2) Tarantino “Pulp Fiction” (Stu Allan’s Kill Bill Mix) [ audio ]
3) Filthy Louca “Teardrops” (Sy & Unknown Remix) [ audio ]
4) HNK “A-Team” (Rob Da Rhythm & Al Twisted’s E-Team Mix) [ audio ]


added: Tue 25 July 2006

Stefan Solar aka Strontium from Glasgow, Scotland is one of the UKs newest Hardcore talents recentaly having his debut EP on RebelScum Recordings. You can catch Strontium at Twisted & Brainfire in the Darkside Area, September 1st in Glasgow alongside Radium, Tommyknocker, Ely Muff, Phonofrantic, Zonk and Rob Da Rhythm.
Check out STRONTIUM's set of 100% his own material from last weeks Twisted & Brainfire Darkside Sessions here -


added: Fri 14 July 2006

Check out a new interview with THE TEKNOIST in the interview section here, along with lots of other interviews from this year like Devastate, The Outside Agency, Lenny Dee, La Peste, Daisy and Robbie Long. Thanks to Odyssey & The Nut House for the interview.


added: Tue 11 July 2006

Notorious Vinyl returns... the wait truly is over. After months of eager anticipation, the first vinyl release on Marc Smith's reborn Notorious Vinyl label has landed in the NEC online store. Catering for ravers of all tastes, Marc has kicked off his own label with a solo three track EP that includes uplifting banger 'Gravity', raved up kick drum track 'Wot Da Fuck' and classic Sharkey favourite 'Thik N Fast'. As with all Notorious Vinyl releases, this first outing comes decked in the slick colour Notorious house bags. So come on Notorious fans what are you waiting for... get on the case and grab your exclusive copies of this first head twisting EP while they're still steaming off the press.



added: Mon 10 July 2006

Lee UHF & Devastate have kindly donated an exclusive free track to Just follow the link above and hit "audio" from the menu. You will also find a recent mix by The Horrorist. Feel free to download, share and burn to CD.


added: Fri 07 July 2006

We are havin a wee production competiton here at The name of the game is "Big Jims Production Competition" in honour of the man himself.

The idea of the competition is to let everyone have a shot at being creative all using the same samples.

For full info, rules and the sample pack click here


added: Thu 29 June 2006

Bedlam Records Summer Sale As part of IMO Records Summer Sale, The last three Bedlam Records are avalible at a special price of £1.99 each for a limited period (Thats Less £6 for all three). Check the link here for audio or to purchase.

Catch them while you can at this special price..

A/ Killer- Invader v Adam J
B/ Angry Bitch - Lee UHF & Invader

A/ Whats This- Skampy & Mayhem
B/ Gods Unwanted Children- Mayhem, Hektik & Cube Hard

A/ Another Jam - Rampant
B/ High Contrast - Lee UHF

Watch for Bedlam 8 and 9 coming soon..

Source: Bedlam HQ


added: Thu 29 June 2006

Geordie Gabba Mafia Superstar SMURF has just completed his mix & a compilation for the Temple Of Terror organisation in Holland.

The CD will be released on Holland with worldwide distribution by so will be available in all good record shops and some crap one's aswell. The CD's are 1 mixed and 1 compilation featuring trax from Scottish, Geordie and Interntational artists such as: Rob Gee & Starscream, The Speedfreak, Delta 9, Al Zeimer, The Bezerker, Bryan Fury, The Destroyer, Mutante, Infared, Moshpit, DJ Skinhead, R Shock, Doormouse, BMH Squad, BudBerNerz, Alkemist & Strontium, Goetia, Angernoizer, TMLP, Noisekick, Stinger, Atroa, Smurf, UEP & Rigamortis !

Check for more info !


added: Thu 22 June 2006

Voting has began this year for Slammin Vinyl's Annual Hardcore Heaven Awards. Like awards or not last year over 10,000 people voted from all over the UK and beyond which is definitely some sort of reflection of the hardcore scene in the UK.

Voting continues up until 21st October, the week before the a Slammin Vinyl West Fest Event. The earlier votes throughout June, July & August will determine most of the artists who will be performing on the night, although other artists may be added if voting dictates this.

Make your vote here and don't forget to vote for your favourite site in the Best Website / Magazine Category (Category 8). Thanks for your support.

Source: Hardcore Heaven


added: Thu 08 June 2006

Those nice people at Lethal Theory have added a few things to their website. Free MP3 Mix of JOEY RIOT @ Vibealite.
KURTs Profile
Some more news
Updated Bookings list.

Check it here


added: Wed 24 May 2006

DJ & Producer DEVASTATE has been doing his thing for several years, known for (while not tying himself down to) pioneering a tougher UK Hardcore sound and with a huge amount of top notch releases under his belt felt it was time to have some words with the man.
Many thanks to Dave for taking the time to answer our questions

Check the interview here
Discuss this news here


added: Mon 22 May 2006 can exclusivly announce the next 12" release on bloodshed unlimited will be a 4 track ep of industrial hardcore by label owner FRACTURE4, titled 'Alone Into The Black Sky'.

shed05 features tracks ranging from 155 to 168 bpm, including a re-edited version 'ruptured' which was featured on the 'hellbound - the crime scene' 2xCD.

Release date is expected to be June or July, the record will be available from all the usual places such The Hard Store etc...


added: Fri 12 May 2006

Glasgow based Hardcore Techno Producer and DJ: Stefan Soler aka STRONTIUM makes his vinyl debut this week with a cracking new EP on the DJ Producers REBELSCUM label. Well done mate.

Tracklisting & Audio:
A1 : Audio Assault [audio]
A2 : Violation [audio]
B1 : System Failure [audio]
B2 : Borgcore [audio]

Avalible now from the hard store and midtown etc

Source: Midtown
Discuss this news on the forum here


added: Fri 12 May 2006

Hixxy today announced the tracklisting for the next Bonkers. Also there is someone else involved with the Sharkey & CLSM disc but we wont say yet.


1/ D-CODE Feat. EMMA “My Direction (Squad-E Remix)”
2/ HIXXY & RE-CON “I can wait ”
3/ SY – CLSM Darren styles remix ??
4/ RECON “report to the bass line
5/ dj robbo " raise ya hands" (sy & unknow remix)
6/ TECHNIKORE “WTF (dub mix)”
7/ STATIK “I got a feeling (Darren Styles Remix)”
9/ Clear VU “close to you” (Re-con remix)
10/ Whizz Kid , Flyin’ & Sparky “Rave phenomenon”
11/ footprints – angel
12/ Silver waters - (darren styles remix)
13/ SQUAD-E “lost (Squad-e vs D-code)”
14/ Hixxy & Euphony feat.Donna Marie “night life”
15/ Hixxy & Re-con. “Devastated motivated”
16/ Breeze & Re-con “only if I had more”


1. Cube::Hard - Micro n2
2. Scott Brown - Invite The Violence
3. Adam Harris - Hyperspeed (Sy & Uknown Remix)
4. Sy & Uknwon - Caught Up In Your Love (Scott Brown Remix)
5. Eclipse - 24/7 (Squad-E Remix)
6. Scott BRown - What You Gonna Do
7. United In Dance vs. Whizzkid - I Dont Want This Night To End
8. Scott Brown - Lost Generation (Nu-Foundation Remix)
9. Dougal & Gammer - The Virus
10. Scott Brown - Wakey Wakey
11. Scott Brown - This Is How We Do IT (Gammer Remix)
12. Scott Brown - Go Berserk
13. Gammer - Body Flow
14. Gritzkweig (or Something) - Its Not Reality (SB Remix)
15. Stormtrooper and Devastate - Battle Of The Mind
16. AMS - Rock The Jam (Hardcore Mix)
17. Scott Brown - How Many Sukkas
18. Kurt - Ruff Ride Provida
19. Scott Brown - Sonic Boomstick
20. Nosferatu - Knock Out
21. Art Of Fighters - Shotgun (AoF Reloaded)
22. The A.M.D.A - Fuck The Rails


1. HELIX “U R Everything (Cube::Hard Remix)”
2. SHARKEY, ARKITECH & SUSI ANKAH “Dual Illumination”
3. DARWIN Featuring JUSTIN “SOS (Save Our Souls)”
4. CORTEZ & YORK “Give It All (Max Factor Remix)”
5. DJ ENTITY “Spice”
6. D “D3A (Cube::Hard Remix)”
7. PONDER & WIZBIT “New Zealand Story (CLSM Remix)”
8. CUBE::HARD “Music Of The Primes”
9. DJ WINK “Over Me”
10. SHARKEY & AMS “Motion Maker”
11. ETHOS “Nose Bleed (Stormtrooper Remix)”
13. ETHOS “Music (Kevin Energy Remix)”
14. NU FOUNDATION “In Kontrol”
15. ARKITECH “Tranzport”
16. CUBE::HARD “Dark & Light (Setting Sun)”
18. HUMAN RESOURCE “Dominator (Brisk & Ham Remix)”
19. CLSM Featuring MC SHARKEY & KADI “Hit The Beat”
20. CLSM “Drive Away (Faster Mix)”
21. MARC SMITH & GAMMER “One With The Beat”
22. SHARKEY “Bang Like A Mother”

Source: Hixxy


added: Tue 09 May 2006

Resist Music yesterday confirmed the DJs on the next installment of the long running UK/Happy Hardcore album series BONKERS. This time the album will be 3 CDs rather than 4. DJ line-up will be HIXXY & RECON, SCOTT BROWN & GAMMER and SHARKEY & CLSM. A release date for the album is still to be confirmed.

Source: Resist Music


added: Fri 28 April 2006

Notorious Vinyl 001
A: Marc Smith - Gravity [Audio]
AA: Marc Smith - Wot Da Fuck [Audio]
AA1: Marc Smith - Thik N Fast [Audio]

BOOOOM P-P-POW POW… The excitable whispers can cease, the wait is over because with this massive three-track EP of the tough trance-fused ‘Gravity’, the rave stomper ‘Wot Da Fuck’ and the absolute classic ‘Thik N Fast’, Marc Smith's Notorious Vinyl is back in full effect!

Maintaining the diverse rave ethic it originally championed, Notorious Vinyl’s resurrection is here and ready to touch all corners of hardcore. “It’s pretty much anything goes,” affirms Marc. “Uplifting tracks through to hard as nails bangers. Already, there’s a wicked kick drum banger me and Gammer did called ‘One With The Beat’, ‘Bring On The Noise’ with Sharkey and me and Arkitech have just laid down a rockin ravey bit, amongst numerous others”

But that’s not all to tickle your pickle. The ears of hardcore fans will instantly be pricked by news of a massive remix EP of Marc’s classic ‘Boom N Pow’. This remix EP will have a host of major high-profile remixers, while his huge bouncy techno anthem ‘Pump Up The Noise’ and Scott Brown’s ‘Detonated’, first released on Notorious in 1994, are also in the pipeline for updated Smiffie makeovers!

Talking from his new Southern home, Marc explained how after conquering some lengthy legal issues, his frantic lifestyle, hectic dj schedule and setting up his new studio he is now fully charged to stamp Notorious upon the hardcore scene once more.

“From the move to the state of the vinyl industry, there were so many factors involved,” explains Marc on the the wait. “I always knew we’d come back it was just a question of when. Now I feel the time is right, the tracks are really firing right now and Most importantly, I wanted to make sure it was with the 110% commitment it deserved. It had to be all or nothing.”

Originally born in 1993, Notorious Vinyl the shop and label were the brainchild of Scottish hardcore legend Marc Smith and his then record shop partner Tony Montgomery. The first label to release Scott Brown’s bouncy techno classic ‘Detonated’, its anthems like Marc’s ‘Marck II ep’, the ‘Enosis ep’ and ‘Centripital’ picked up plays from Slipmatt, Clarkee and then hardcore hero Carl Cox, making it one of the most revered labels in raveland.

In its resurrection era, Notorious Vinyl will now be releasing every month to six weeks! The button on the hardcore scene’s most explosive un-detonated bomb is finally ready to be pressed! Stand back ravers and watch it all go right f**kin off!

V.V.V.V.Limted Exclusive Test Presses For Notorious Vinyl Will Be Avaiable Through The Nu Energy Collective online store within the next two weeks!!! Full Colour Exclusive Pre-Relase Copies Will Follow Through The Nu Energy Collective over a month ahead of shop release date in early July!

Source: Allan @
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added: Tue 25 April 2006

Joey Riot & DJ Kurt's Lethal Theory label which is all set to kick off soon with a three track EP have launched their web-site today. So point your browsers to The new site which has its own forums, previews of the first release, an exclusive mix from T&B Radio by KURT, gallery and a bit more still to come.


added: Thu 20 April 2006

Hechtech Records have just announced details of their next installment of the joint project (with Rumour Records) "Hardcore Reunited". The album features 3 CDs again and is due out July 2006.

DJ's on mixing duties have changed about and are now..

Artwork & tracklisting to follow.

Source: Hechtech Records


added: Tue 18 April 2006

The Dutch Hardcore production / DJ outfit the THE OUTSIDE AGENCY (or TOA for short) is comprised of DJ EYE-D and DJ HIDDEN. TOA have been releasing dark hardcore in their own style since 1996. They have releases on labels like Coolman, Mokum, Black Monolith, Otaku, more recently Meta4 and of course on their very own Genosha Recordings.

TOA took their sweet time to answer our questions the scottishhardcore forum members put together on everything from how they started, on working with DJ Ruffneck to their views on pop band Take That getting back together and if EYE-D finds ELEMENT ABUSE attractive.

Read the interview here
Discuss this news on the forum here


added: Fri 14 April 2006

Recently we reported the tracklisting for the forthcoming Resist Records / Slammin Vinyl Collaboration "HARDCORE HEAVEN 3". The album has now been confirmed to be released on Saturday 15th April and containes mixes by BRISK, ENERGY and the scratch master SY. The album has over 70 tracks with a few scottish artists apperaing such as JOEY RIOT, SCOTT BROWN, TECHNOTRANCE and MIKE EUPHONY's HEAVEN-7.

Resist have also kindly sorted us out some free copies. Check the competitions section to try and bag one.

Source: Resist Music


added: Tue 28 March 2006

New York Hardcore Legend LENNY DEE, is in Scotland this week to play at TWISTED & BRAINFIRE this Friday. Boony took the time to catch up with him and see what he has been upto and ask him about his experiences on Scotland. Thanks to Boony & Lenny for the Interview.


added: Fri 24 March 2006

Out Now are the long awaited finished copes for the latest releases on IMO's Definitive Dance label

"Tonight" (Original)
"Tonight" (Mike Euphony remix)
(Full Release)

"The Jam"
(Full Release)

"Irresistible "
"Fuck The beats Remix"
(Limited Promos)

"Bass Power"
(Limited Promos)

Also expect plenty of new material from HEAVEN 7 as well various remixes have been lined-up, including:

DD007 - HEAVEN 7 - " Stronger"
DD008 - Heaven 7 - " Kontact DJ"
DD009 - HEAVEN 7 - "Speak Of Love" (BRISK & VAGABOND REMIX)
DD009 - HEAVEN 7 - "Speak Of Love" (AL TWISTED & DJ JFX REMIX)
DD010 - HEAVEN 7 - "Dance With Me" (JOEY RIOT REMIX)
DD010 - HEAVEN 7 - "Dance With Me" (SCOTT BROWN REMIX)
DD011 - AL TWISTED & DJ JFX - "Bounce To The Beat"
DD012 - HEAVEN 7 - "Stronger" (BREEZE & STYLES REMIX - tbc)

Check out audio and buy the current titles here


added: Tue 21 March 2006

Just up on the site are two interviews which may interest a few people. Firstly OPHIDIAN from Enzyme Records (Holland) who is ready to come and play at Twisted & Brainfire on the 31st March and secondly LA PESTE of Hanger Liquides (France) whom recentally played at Kaosphere also in Glasgow. Big thanks to Flood for taking the time to interview them. For the low down click 'interviews'.


added: Mon 20 March 2006

We have some exciting news of a new uk based Hardcore label about 2 kick off: PENGUIN RECORDS. The label which will cater for all styles of Hardcore has been set-up to bring back some fun to the scene.

the first three releases have been confirmed and are as follows...

A - Dj Welshy - Hardcore Will Never Die
B1 - Nothern Alliance - Im The Fuck You Man
B2 - Nothern Alliance - Im The Fuck You Man ( Devastate Hard As Nails Remix)

A - Dj Fastrax & DJ Welshy - Destiny
B1 - Universal Hardcore - Funk Junkie
B2 - Devastate - Raw

A - Devastate - Party Starter
B1 - Triple Xl - Every Man's Dorris
B2 - Jay Presscott & Riddler - R U On Drugs (Remix)

Penguin also have loads of tracks lined-up from artists like: Expression, Fracus, Nu Foundation, Leigh Outrage, Persuit, Xl and Martin Space. Audio and artwork will be online very shorty and first release is expected out in june. In addition PENGUIN will also be setting up a digital label for all releases for those cdj lovers out there which will release mp3 versions to co-inside with the vinyl releases.



added: Mon 13 March 2006

For many years, Terror/Speedcore has lurked in the dark dungeons of obscurity. Shunned to the shadows of darkened 3rd rooms, it was said to be too extreme by many, but there were others who knew different. The revolution begins now. CSR, Welcome to Terrorland is finally here.

In this 3 disc compendium (2 CDs, 1 DVD), the nature of Terror and Speedcore will be redifined, as the better, stronger and faster alternative to mainstream hardcore. Featuring tracks by Plague, Smurf, Stinger, Mutante, Sonic Overkill, Terrorist Kriss, Speed Freak as well Scottishhardcore members FUELER and MORTIS and many more.

In CD 1, a compiled CD of some of the best tracks today from the top Speedcore producers in the world today. CD 2 features two 30 minute mixes, of DJ Plague and DJ Smurf, bringing more top tracks and fast, banging beats. And finally, disc 3 is a DVD featuring clips from parties around the world, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the Speedcore scene worldwide, as well as a complete party report of the first ever CSR party in Europe, "CSR - Welcome to Terrorland", where this new revolution in Terror began.

Tracklistings is as follows.

CD 1 (Tracks):

1. Intro
2. DJ Plague vs Stinger - Kill Everything
3. Mutante - Children are Nice
4. Sonic Overkill - Canario
5. Mutante - You Shut the Fuck up
6. Stinger - Rottercastle
7. Smurf - Gusset Typist
10. Interrupt Vector - No Joke
11. Terrorist Kriss - PIN
12. Interrupt Vector - Zombie Suicide Bomber
13. Sonic Overkill - Sonic's Theme
14. Terrorist Kriss - s02
15. Interrupt Vector - Double Trouble
16. Interrupt Vector - Music
17. Outtro

CD 2 (Plague vs Smurf mix)


1 - DJ Plague Intro
2 - DJ PLAGUE - Moral Terror
3 - DJ PLAGUE - Scheisse Feiren
4 - SONIC OVERKILL - The Power of Base (Thrash and nOize edit)
5 - DJ PLAGUE vs LEELOO - Stick'em
6 - MUTANTE - Ragga Jungle Medley (remix)
7 - DJ PLAGUE - Terrorists Never Miss
8 - SONIC OVERKILL - Raise Ya Fist 2005
10 - SONIC OVERKILL - Exit of Hell (o-mix)


11 - Smurf Intro
12 - DJ Fueller - The Anthem
13 - Mutante - Lick My Crack
14 - The Bezerker - Sweet Revenge
15 - Speedfreak - August im Dunkelen
16 - Mutante - H.A.R.D.C.O.R.E.
17 - The Teknoist - Old Skool Metallation
18 - Rigamortis - Pill Face
19 - Smurf - Shitter
20 - Outtro


Welcome to Terrorland mini-Registration
Plague vs Smurfmusic videos (nasty things, suck my dick, scheisse feiren, gabber cream)

The album is out in about 2 weeks and will be avalible from

Source: Plague


added: Sat 11 March 2006

ROBBIE LONG's top UK hardcore label THIN N CRISPY have just made available their latest round of releases in mp3 format, get them exclusively from the TNC MP3 store at

A. Robbie Long & A.M.S. feat. MC Ethos ‘Wakey Wakey’
AA. Robbie Long & A.M.S. ‘Rock Da Spot’

A. Robbie Long & A.M.S. ‘Trigger Hardcore’
AA. Robbie Long & A.M.S. feat. MC Ethos ‘Wakey Wakey’ (Stormtrooper Remix)

A. Stormtrooper & Dair ‘Do It Like That’
AA. Stormtrooper & Dair ‘Underground’

A. A.M.S. & Stormtrooper ‘Freestylin’
AA. Robbie Long & A.M.S. ‘Acid Bath’

Mp3's are 320kbps and are professionally mastered versions.

Thin N Crispy

LENNY DEE, THE HORRORIST, JOEY RIOT - Twisted & Brainfire Radio Tonight

added: Thu 09 March 2006

Tonight on Twisted & Brainfire Radio we have got a MONSTER bill of HARDCORE & TECHNO entertainment lined up....

[ 9PM-10PM GMT]: TWISTED & BRAINFIRE UK HARDCORE SHOW with JOEY RIOT (Lethal Theory).. (Special Guest on the Mic and In The Mix)


As this is a special techno edition of the Twisted & Brainfire Darkside Sessions, we will be keeping the tunes pumping way past the 11 O'clock mark!!!

Tune in here by clicking the radio button on the left of the screen or by vistsing
T&B info @

Dont Forget Chat room at if yout tunes in for shout outs etc.

Up next week we have Lenny Dee in the mix - hardcore style!


added: Mon 06 March 2006

Scotland's very own FRACTURE 4 has a couple of new releases out.

Firstly "Shed04 - 'If its not broken, break it' is out on his own BLOODSHED label. This release has 4 tracks of varying styles from FRACTURE 4 & CAPSLOCK, owner of KETAKORE Records. The A side features 'cremation' a 145bpm dark harsh breaks track from capslock, which gets reworked for a 200bpm remix by fracture4 for the A2 track. The flip side features another 2 tracks by Fracture4, the first being 'Soon…' a 147bpm industrial track, which was also featured on the recent thunderdome 2005 cd release. 'Alone with the green lights again' completes the release with some 202bpm dark atmospheric hardcore.

Also just out is a new 10" vinyl on dutch gabba label GENOSHA. Genosha 010 sees THE OUTSIDE AGENCY and FRACTURE 4 get together. "Manhunt" is an unrelenting 175 bpm hardcore track with strong drum & bass influences while "Macrossed" is a 9-minute symphony in several parts which manages to touch down on almost every genre immaginable: darkcore, breakcore, electro... it's all there! This first limited 10" release on Genosha Recordings is the first to feature a different sleeve design from what we're used to, runs inside out and has 12 useful locked grooves."

You can buy both records from your local hardcore record dealer such as Rub-A-Dub (Glasgow) or over the net from sites like,, or

Source: Bloodshed HQ


added: Wed 01 March 2006

This Saturday DJ DAISY visits Scotland to Play at IMPACT in Rosyth. took the time to ask her a few questions.

DAISY comes From Paris, France and has releases on labels like B.E.A.S.T., Third Movement and EBE Company, as well as having mixed a Raw Essential album and one for Uncivilized World.

Click the interviews section on the menu bar to have a look


added: Mon 27 February 2006


with THE DOCTOR and COLIN H on Rotation

with ROB DA RHYTHM and some very special guests over the next few weeks..


You can tune in using the player on the left side of the screen here on or by visiting
You can also access the chatroom for shoutouts etc. from the regime site.

source: Twisted and Brainfire


added: Wed 22 February 2006

Resist Records / Slammin Vinyl have announced the tracklisting of the third installment off "HARDCORE HEAVEN" (RESISTCD66). Release date and Artwork is to be confirmed. Tracklisting is as follows..


1. LASGO - All Night Long (Sy & Unknown Remix)
2. FERGUS MAYHEM – Take Control (Sy & Unknown Remix)
3. SY & UNKNOWN Feat. LOU LOU - Caught Up In Your Love
4. SY & UNKNOWN - Break The Spell
5. MC STORM & GAMMER - 21st Century Rush (Sy & Unknown Remix)
6. JOEY RIOT Feat. TONI LEO - Do We Need The Music
7. IAN VAN DAHL - Inspiration (Re-Con Remix)
8. DARREN STYLES – Save Me (Sy & Unknown Remix)
9. PARADISE - Wanna Be Free (Sy & Unknown Remix)
10. IMPACT & RESIST - Someday (Styles & Breeze Mix)
11. DJ KURT - Posse & Crew
12. SCOTT BROWN - Commence (Sy & Unknown Remix)
13. DOUGAL & GAMMER - Tripod (Exclusive HH Gratuitous Edit)
14. LEE UHF - Bodyache (DJ Kurt Remix)
16. DJ SEDUCTION - Rock Ya Body
17. BREEZE - Let's Fly (Sy & Unknown Remix)
18. CUBE::HARD - Hold The Beat (Gammer Remix)
19. FLYIN’ & SPARKY Feat. CHARM - Touch Ya Body (Joey Riot Exclusive HH3 album Mix)
20. JOEY RIOT Vs TECHNOTRANCE Feat. ANGEL EYEZ - Together Again (Sy & Unknown Remix)


2. POISON RAIN & CUBE::HARD – Stingray
3. DOUBLE DUTCH - Turn Out The Light
4. BRISK & VAGABOND - Hit The Deck (Ham Remix)
5. BENX-TREME & MC ORTIE Feat. LEXZIL - Looking Down(DJ Kurt Remix)
6. ETHOS & STORMTROOPER - Played 'N' Made
7. ASA & S1 - Show Me Your Passion (Brisk & Vagabond Remix)
8. JOEY RIOT & ANGEL EYEZ - Don't Make Me Wait (Gammer Remix)
9. AUDIOLUSH - Feel The Power (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
10. HAM - That's What I Like
12. BRISK & HAM - I've Got A Feeling
13. HEAVEN-7 - Speak Of Love (Brisk & Vagabond Remix)
14. VAGABOND - Flowing Free
15. IMPACT & NEMISIS - Blown Away (Vagabond Remix)
16. GAMMER - Moving To This
17. EUPHORIA - Playing Games
18. GAMMER – Rip Roar
19. HAM – Clubheds (Bang The Drum)
20. BRISK & VAGABOND - Get It Started
21. FUTURE SOCIETY – What The Hood Made Me
22. BRISK & VAGABOND - Funky Joint
24. DJ NOSFERATU & ENDYMION - Nothing Is What It Seems
25. THE SPEED FREAK - Days Of Anger

1. D.L.S - Freefall
2. DJ PETRUCCIO vs K COMPLEX - Give Into The Motion
3. WEAVER vs AMS - Kik‘n Loud
4. EFM-7 - Raver Raver Raver
5. JELLY BEANS CREW vs GAMMER - Donkey Punch
6. WEAVER - Rock It
7. SHARKEY, KEVIN ENERGY + K COMPLEX - Anna (Cube::Hard Remix)
8. LOST SOUL Feat. DARK ANGEL - Mindscape
9. CUBE::HARD vs KEVIN ENERGY - Voice Of Calm
10. IMPACT - Back In The Days
11. DUNCAN OATHAM - Rock The Disco (K Complex Remix)
12. ERYK ORPHEUS - P.V.C (Fetish Mix)
13. SHARKEY & ARKITECH - Where Shall My wandering Soul Begin?
14. GAMMER - Unforgettable Hope (Freeform Mix)
16. RAMPANT & OBIE vs DARWIN - Beyond Us
17. ANTIX - Another Life (Kevin Energy Remix)
18. LEE UHF - Extreme Power (Kevin Energy Remix)
19. KEVIN ENERGY vs GAMMER - This Is The Place!
20. ARKITECH - Ready To Move
22. KEVIN ENERGY vs MARC SMITH - That’s The Hardcore (A.M.S Remix)
23. AC SLATER - Crowd Control
24. ARKITECH - Letting Go
25. SHARKEY vs GAMMER - Heaven Now


added: Mon 20 February 2006

Fans of Scott Brown and his long running Evolution Records will be glad to hear his "10 Years of Hardcore Part 2" album will be out in the shops for the 27th March.

Full Tracklisting is:

1 - This is how we do it - boomstick intro
2 - We don't give a damn
3 - Pilgrim 2000
4 - Blue Anthem remix
5 - Commence (Jonnyel mix)
6 - Taking drugs? (Remix)
7 - Lift
8 - Protoplasm
9 - Scott Brown & DMO - I'm in heaven
10 - Scott Brown - fly with you 2005
11 - Q-Tex - The Reason
12 - Trance Sect / Lost Generation (Kev Energy mix)
13 - Detonated
14 - Sb V's Hyperbass - I became hardcore
15 - Scott Brown & Cat Knight - all about you (B&S mix)
16 - SB & Hyperbass - life or death
17 - Scott Brown - We don't stop
18 - Scott Brown - Ice cold 2
19 - Scott Brown - ghosts


1 - Kinetic Pleasure - Higher
2 - Qtex - Ecreation
3 - Scott Brown V's Dj Dell - Inferno
4 - Bass-x - Chubby Round
5 - Scott Brown - Move your body
6 - Interstate - The first parable
7 - Scott Brown - beloved
8 - Scott Brown - Viroid
9 - Scott Brown - Falling to the earth
10 - Scott Brown - get up on it
11 - Bass-x - make em clap
12 - Scott Brown - This is my bass
13 - The Scotchamn - Happy vibes
14 - Scott Brown - do what ya like
15 - Scott Brown - Neckbreaker original
16 - Scott Brown - love me too
17 - Scott Brown - Andromeda
18 - Bass-x - horsepower
19 - Bass-x - put your hands up
20 - Hyperbass - Hyperbass anthem



added: Fri 10 February 2006

Just added is an interview thanks to Traffic cone with none other than ROBBIE LONG. Robbie whom is one of the resident DJs of the Nukleuz Hardcore Nation series talks about the scene in 2006, mp3s vs vinyl and of course is own label Thin N Crispy amongst other things..Check the interviews section for the low down.


added: Thu 26 January 2006

On Monday the 30th of January Nukleuz Records release their long awaited Hardcore EP 6, which includes four very different Hardcore tracks, full track-listing is below:

A1: Stu Allan & Pete Pritchard “Adagio For Strings” (Stu Allan Remix)
A2: Cynix “The Morning Sun” (Sparky Remix)
B1: King Ace “Dark Side Of The Moon”
B2: Al Twisted & Rob Da Rhythm “Beat On The Drumz” (Re-Said & De-Sped 180 mix)

Vinyl copies are available here and 320kpbs MP3s versions of all the tracks as well as the 200bpm mix of "Beat on the Drumz" are available here.


added: Thu 26 January 2006

It has come to our attention that since moving the server and launching the new site, some users are having problems logging in or staying logged into the forum.

If you are having this problem we suggest clearing out your cookies. To do this open your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) and go to 'tools' then ' options' then 'clear / delete cookies'.

It will also be necessary to refresh your browser.

If anyone has any more problems feel free to contact the site admin using the contact page.


added: Sun 08 January 2006

First up apologies to all for the Scottish Hardcore Forums being down again. We have now moved over to a new server which not only should make things easier to run, hopefully the site will run a bit quicker as we wont have to share bandwidth with anyone. Many thanks to Skinner and Jeroen at for hosting the site all this time, our hats go off to you!

Apart from a new server you have probably noticed we have also got a brand new site thanks to Tom from Bass Invaders - nice one dude! As you'll see it is a lot more interactive with events listings, interviews, a links database and of course the forums. Lots more sections of the site are in construction and will be added very soon such as a flyer gallery, WAP access and we can also offer cheap web-hosting to any of our members.

Anyway hope the site does the trick, anything that doesn't work please give us a shout. All the best for 2006. Happy posting and keep it Hardcore.


added: Wed 04 January 2006

Just added an interview with JOEY RIOT. Scotsman Joey Riot has in the last 12 months really made his mark on the UK Hardcore scene, with tracks signed to some of the biggest UK labels such as Maximum Impact, Next Generation, Relentless Vinyl and Quosh. Scottishhardcore took the time to have a few words with the man himself.

See the Interview section...


added: Sat 24 December 2005

Lee UHF's label BEDLAM Records have announced their release schedule for early 2006.

BEDLAM 005 - Killer/Angry Bitch
Invader v Adam J/ Lee UHF v Invader
Full Release Monday January 9th 2006

BEDLAM 006 - West Side EP
Whats This/ Gods Unwanted Children
Skampy & Mayhem/ Mayhem, Hektik & Cube::Hard
Full Release Monday January 23rd 2006

BEDLAM 007 - The Twisted EP
Super Crazy Ill / Midnight Madness/ Deal With It
DJ JFX & Al Twisted
Full Release Monday February 6th 2006

Bad Boy Beats / Original & Sy & Unknown Rmx / Sound System Banger
Mozz, Himbo, Gav G, Dan Rolla J & Sten/ Mozz & Himbo
Full Release Monday February 20th 2006


added: Wed 02 November 2005

The official results from the Hardcore Heaven awards which Slammin Vinyl run every year have now been released.
Congratulations to all the winners

Best DJ
1. Sy
2. Scott Brown
3. Hixxy

Best MC
1. MC Storm
2. MC Whizzkid
3. MC Sharkey

Best Event
1. Hardcore Heaven Hardcore Weekender 2005
2. Uproar Colossus
3. HTID 8

Best Producer
1. Scott Brown
2. Sy
3. Hixxy

Best Record Label
1. Raverbaby
2. Next Generation
3. Quosh

Best Hard Dance DJ
1. Mark EG
2. Sharkey
3. Kevin Energy

Breakthrough MC
1. Scottie B
2. Darkside
3. Fugitive

Breakthrough DJ
1. Recon
2. D-Ice & Reality
3. Lee UHF

Best Website

Best Record Shop
1. IMO
2. HMV
3. Spin Central

Outstanding Contribution
1. Hixxy
2. Sy
3. Scott Brown

Best Track
'Slide Away' - Breeze & Styles



added: Fri 28 October 2005

For fans of Bonkers and the harder party hardcore sounds alike things are looking sweet as a nut.

HIXXY recently confirmed the DJ line-up for the next Bonkers album out (due out early December). Instead of the standard four djs mixing a disc each the new format is back to back sets, bringing in a bit of new life to the series.

DJs confirmed are HIXXY & RECON, SHARKEY & MARC SMITH, DOUGAL & GAMMER and last but by no means least SCOTT BROWN & NEOPHYTE

We think it is brilliant to see these new additions - superb choices, An extra 'big up' to Scotlands very own MARC SMITH for making his Bonkers mixing debut. Cant wait to see the full tracklisting.

It is also very good to see Gabba getting more coverage on the album with a whole disc mixed by SCOTT BROWN & NEOPHYTE(Holland). Scott recently announced their tracklisting which looks rather tasty..

1 - Tommyknocker - Nocturnal rituals
2 - Scott Brown - Capital Murder
3 - Bass-x - Motherfucker (Scott Brown remix)
4 - Tommyknocker - Twist
5 - Scott Brown - I'll get you
6 - Scott Brown - Fasten your seatbelt
7 - Tommyknocker - Domination
8 - Plus System - This is how we do it (Scott Brown hardcore mix)
9 - Scott Brown - We don't stop
10 - Masters of Ceremony- A way of life (DJ Promo rmx)
11 - DJ D- Skullscrack (DJ Dione rmx)
12 - DJ Panic & Evil Activities- Never fall asleep
13 - Jappo & Lancinhouse- EXL EXL ( Neophyte & Evil Activties rmx)
14 - Ophidian & Tapage- The mine
15 - Hardcore United- Time to make a stand ( Neophyte & Evil Activties mix)
16 - Neophyte & Evil Activities- Back on track
17 - Neophyte & Evil Activities- One of these days
18 - Neophyte & Lenny Dee- The Future priests of now

Source: and


added: Tue 25 October 2005

Check the Interview section for a short Interview with Italy's DJ JAPPO or should we say UNEXIST. Jappo has released on labels like Third Movemnet, Industrial Strength and Gobble.


added: Tue 25 October 2005

Taken from AATW website: "Following Feel It With Me - Ultrabeat unleash one of the biggest club tracks of the year in the way of Elysium (I Go Crazy) ...on some initial promos known as Don't Leave Me Hanging.. Due for release early in 2006, Elysium (I Go Crazy), is in conjunction with Scottish Hardcore master Scott Brown and the track is a vocal version of his classic Elysium..Initial reactions to this tune are simply monstrous and it will be the first time that an Ultrabeat release doesn't feature the vocal of Mike Di Scala"

This re-make of a hardcore classic will no doubt have upteen different mixes and Scott Brown has already announced he has done a new Hardcore version, which you can expect to see him play out in his sets all over the UK.

Chances of another remix on The Hardcore tip by Ultrabeat front man Mike Di Scala under his Re-con alias are hopefully quite high too.


added: Sun 23 October 2005

Due to popular demand for the gig on the 29th we have decided to rather stick to one room for the west Coast Edition of T&B vs. Impact, as a one off we are going to move the party a few meters away to the bigger two venue venue. The good old home of T&B "The Vaults". This gives us the opportunity for not only a nicer venue with more underground feel but to introduce a second room with a bigger and more varied line-up and all for the same price.

Also being Halloween a few people have mentioned costumes, which sounds like a good idea to us but by no means a necessity. Anyone who does fancy making the effort though, their is a free CD in it for you. Choice of Gabba, Uk Hardcore or Hardstyle :-) The full line-up is:

DJ JAPPO aka UNEXIST [Industrial Strength / Third Movement - Italy]
HARDCHOHOLICS [LIVE PA - Deathchant / Epileptik / Psychik Genocide - France]
STRONTIUM [LIVE PA Debut Appearance]
MINGETTA [Pedigree Skum]
MHOTEP vs. ROB DA RHYTHM [Impact vs Twisted & Brainfire]

BEN C & THE JUVENILE [Future Sound Corp / Disfunction]
SUB-SONIC and MC LOCO [Nosebleed]
CORKY [Impact]

more info at

FANTAZIA announce THE BIG BANG 2 at Braehead Arena

added: Sun 23 October 2005

Fantazia have announced they will be holding a 7,000 capacity event, 3 room event "The Big Bang " at Braehead Arena. The event which is being promoted by the original promoters and Scotland Colours Organization whom run back To The Future. The press release which came out yesterday shows a monster line-up and goes like this: MAIN ARENA LIVE: N-JOI, SHADES OF RHYTHM, DREAM FREQUENCY ULTRASONIC, THE RHYTHMIC STATE, Q-TEX, BASS X, HYPER BASS DJS: THE RATPACK, SLIPMATT, DJ SY, SCOTT BROWN MARC SMITH, MIKEY B, BASS GENERATOR ARENA 2 DJS: OBSESSION, MADMAN, JOE DEACON, PAUL HARPER GEORGE BOWIE, DJ TEN, BILLY REID, TECHNOTRANCE, THE DOCTOR ARENA 3 (House) See The forum for more details.


added: Tue 30 August 2005

Out This weekend is Resist Music's New HARDCORE HEAVEN 2 album, the album which features mixes from SY, BRISK and ENERGY contains tracks from all the main Uk Hardcore Producers. Also good to see a few Scots on the tracklisting namley EUPHONY, AL TWISTED, DJ JFX and JOEY RIOT.

Hardcore Heaven is avalible from most Record shops.